Thursday, October 30, 2008


While Jon was in the shower, Lily pulled herself out of bed wrapping her fluffy lemon robe around herself securely before scooping up the remains of breakfast and taking them to the trash. She padded through the living room and fetched the paper from her front door. Flicking on her stereo system she sat down at her large oak dining room table she slapped down the newspaper, fanning the pages out.

The sounds of Ruby Tuesday by the Stones filled her apartment and she found herself staring out the window with a ridiculous grin spreading across her face. Good grief. If someone had asked her a week ago whether she saw something like this happening in her life, she would have said hell no. Of course he had to be based in New York, the old Lily would have been pleased that was guaranteed space between them but already she was dreading him leaving again at the end of the week.

She sighed and started scanning the headlines, same old security scares… it was becoming the normal since September 11. Something however did pop out and made her eyes widen "Holy shit" she breathed bringing her hand to her face.

"Please don't tell me there are pictures of us in the paper, damn paparazzi" came Jon's voice from the top of the stairs. She looked up stunned not even noticing how delicious he was looking this morning.

"Ah no, it's not that" she said turning her direction back to the paper.

He frowned and jogged down the rest of the stairs "What is it?" he asked. The expression on face had hardened her usual soft features. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. What’s gotten her so freaked?

"This" she said pointing to an article in the paper that read Homeless man kills in cold blood. "This is where we were last night, and the homeless man we frightened by, according to the time that this murder happened it was a little after we had walked down there" she said curling the corners of the newsprint.

"Well shit, seriously?" Jon went on to read the article over her shoulder. It seemed a young girl had been in the wrong place at the wrong time on the end of desperation from the homeless man. He slowly rubbed her arms "Hey, well least we were together he couldn't take us both on obviously" he pressed a kiss on the top of her head. Thank god nothing had happened to them, worst of all her.

"Yeah I know, a little freaky though don't you think? I sometimes do walk down that way if I've been to the markets just around from there" she said absently. It wasn't unusual for a place as huge as London, the papers were always filled with attacks and murders but this one just hit a little closer to home. A close call.

"Well you won't be any more ok?" he asked gently pulling her up from the chair and turning her around to face him. He cupped her face letting his fingers drag under her chin.

She nodded "Right" how it was every time she stared into those aqua eyes things always became better somehow. She let her fingers trail up the black button down shirt he had on and curled around his collar. "Guess I was lucky that you were there" she murmured into his lips leaning forward brushing hers over his.

He grinned letting his arms fall around her waist tucking her against him "I'd always protect you LJ"

She pressed her nosed her way through the opening of his shirt and took in the scent of soap and spiced man. "I know you would" she relaxed against him.

"So what are we doing today?" he asked "Did you call into work?" wondering how much that would of killed her to be so naughty almost.

She chuckled "Yes I did, I said I might pop in later on…" she said. Although now the lure of him right here was tempting to forget that promise. Worst case scenario she had remote access to her office from home.

He shook his head "You're not going in, and that's final" he said waiting for her to snap back at him. She looked up and met his gaze.

"Ok, I don't have to"

His brow shot up "That easy huh?" he teased. He’d expected have to fight just a little harder than that with her.

"I'm the boss, I can do what I like. Thought I must tell you I haven't not been in for years though so this is a first… you're a bad influence on me" she said tapping his nose with the end of her finger.

"I can handle that" he brushed his lips lightly across hers, his tongue pushed past her lips into her heated mouth. His hands tangled in her hair edging her closer to him. He found the tie of her robe and tugged at it until the knot came free. He shifted the openings of her robe so it slid down across her shoulders. He dipped his head to the arch of her neck and using his mouth he had the first soft moans from her throat.

He let his hands travel up her body pushing more of the terry cloth material away, he cupped her breasts letting his thumbs scrape over her nipples.

“Jon” she murmured into his mouth feeling her body start to quiver. The shock that she was aroused so soon was almost too much, this man was going to kill her. The long distance thing was going to work JUST fine if every time they did see each other this happened.

Her whole body was turning to jelly when his teeth caught her lobe and his hands continued to roam down her body. He walked her backwards towards the wall. She gasped when he pressed her there, with no intention to let her move. His fingers traced up her inner thighs so achingly close to her heated core but not close enough. Her face already growing heavy with a warm flush, her head fell back.

“Tell me you want me here, right now...” his voice whispered against her chin as he nibbled his way back up to her lips.

“Tell me” Jon’s own breathing becoming laboured.

Right here? Against the wall? God, she hated that he probably could have asked her to do ten handstands across the room right now and she would. Shit.

“I want you” she squeaked out when his finger slid into her heat.


“Jon” she whined. She didn’t beg and he was driving her to do it.

Still with sleep and sex the scent of mangoes and coconut was there, along with the silky feel of her skin which was about to destroy him in a heartbeat. He nipped around her shoulders and let one more finger slip into her, by reaction her leg lifted and wrapped around his hip. She arched back letting him take her, his lips finding her breast pulling her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh god” she groaned her fingers once again finding that golden honey hair and tangling through it.

He flicked at the nipple bobbing in his mouth, each time a small cry lifted from her throat.

“Here?” he asked again, against the fragrant swell of her breast.

“Here” she confirmed pulling his head up to hers. “Oh god, here” she whispered crashing her mouth against his. He moved his hand from her and quickly unfastening his jeans letting them pool around his ankles.

Pulling her other leg across his waist he entered her, driving past the heat and explosion of pleasure. Tiny sweat beads fell from his temples as she wrapped her arms around his neck pretty sure she was about to have the ride of her life.

And for a whole week in London, Jon and Lily enjoyed that ride, getting to know each other and fall into the ease of having each other around. It’s true what they say, life threatening situations often spur life reaffirming ones. In this case, Lily St James was reaffirmed, again... and again.

Till next time.


Kris said...

Oh, please tell me that's not it!!! If not a new chapter, you have a new story in your mind, right?? Maybe the "truth about New York"?? Jon has to go back and Lily will follow him....please! ;-)