Saturday, October 25, 2008


It had to be a couple of hours when Lily woke, the room was still dark and the smell of extinguished candles drifted across her nose as she became conscious. She couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as she turned her head to see the man responsible for it, but frowned when all she saw was an empty pillow. He’d gone? So soon? Rubbing her forehead to regain some of form of straight thinking until she realized she was lying flat on her back and her knees were up. Before she could speak, the bed moved and the sheet lifted from.....down there.

Three seconds away from asking what he was doing vanished when the wet, warm feel of lips scraped up her inner thigh. Gasping she pushed her arms out clutching for the sheets. What the hell was he – Oh sweet Jesus.........She cried out at the feather soft stroke of his tongue down the very heart of her.

“Jon!” she twisted her head trying to look down but all she could see the tented sheet and a little bobbing movement.

“Oh god” fingers. Fingers teased down her slits goosing her arms. She couldn’t see him. She needed to, from what they’d just shared she had that need to see and hold him. But no, that wasn’t about to happen here.

The flat of his tongue licked all the way up, and all the way down. Her hips arched high off the bed, and she was sure she was about to die. This was fucking incredible. Her hands reached down desperate to touch him still unsure if she wanted him to stop or not.

“Jon, please..... Stop” she panted, her breasts heaving and her heart pounding against her ribs.

The warm wet sensation stopped and her body went cold at the void. “Ok, don’t stop” she whispered. God she hated what he was doing to her, no.....that was incorrect. She loved it. No man, oh god no man had ever bothered to pay her attention, well. Down there.

The low rumble of a chuckle could be heard through the sheets before his fingertips trailed back up her thighs. She bit her lip and sank back into the pillows and waited for her torture.

He’d woke early and spent a good ten minutes watching her sleep, so peacefully with a small smile that would twitch at the corners of her lips every so often. She was gorgeous, and thank fuck they’d finally got here as he’d doubted he’d of lasted much longer. Glancing at the clock beside her bed it was still very early morning. Time to have some fun.

And so he’d crept down the bed and under the sheets propping her legs up gently not to wake her until what he’d planned would. Drawing lazy circles with the tip of his tongue he worked his way up her thighs to her heated centre.

Ah, she was awake. Her body was twitching and her hitched breaths told him she didn’t know what to make of it all. “Just relax LJ” he breathed into the heart of her following with long strong tongue strokes before he slid two fingers inside her.

At that moment Lily lost her sanity, his fingers and tongue working her core pushing every coherrent thought, far to the back of her mind. “Oh Jon” she cried, slamming her eyes shut and gritting her teeth as his thumb raked over her tight knot of nerves. “Jesus” her voice grew raspy and desperate. She lifted her legs wrapping them around his neck bringing her hips right off the bed as she surrendered everything to him.

She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe all she could do was cry begging for the release she so wanted to come. Her hands tugged away the sheet that was strewn over him and through the dawn’s light that now crept across the bed those dark blue eyes locked on hers.

He pulled back a few inches leaving her legs firmly wrapped around his neck “Good morning” his lips parted licking the corners of his mouth. Right up her body, she was gorgeous. His cock twitched at the sight of the peaks of her breasts.

“Please. I need you” she cursed herself for the begging mess she was in.

“How much?” he asked grinning blowing on her heat.

She groaned “I hate you” between clenched teeth.

He reached out and ran his index finger down her flat belly “Your sounds would suggest otherwise LJ” he teased. He bit his lip to stop from laughing when her face fell to a frown.

Her nipples were aching, spreading the need she was craving all over her body. She locked her hands on his hair, her fingers twisting madly “Jon, you’re a shit”. He had her right where he wanted her, she was pretty sure she’d just about do anything to get him going again. And that scared the living crap out of her.

A laugh vibrated in his throat “Won’t disagree with you there darling, should of thought of that before you jumped into bed with me? Huh?” the temptation too much, he used his thumb to scrape over one of her pert nipples.

Her body collapsed back against the sheets the Egyptian cotton plastering to her back. He was going to kill her, he really was. A second later she felt it, the rough caress of his tongue against her again careening her off the bed. “Shit” she muttered closing her eyes concentrating on every flick, and nip his mouth was inflicting on her. Her body screaming on the inside.

Then it came out of nowhere like a freight train rocketing through her body, unable to do nothing except cry out the release that she’d been craving her whole body shuddered against him.

She collapsed in a wrinkled heap gasping for breath, her heart hammering loudly in her throat. The white flash in her brain subsiding leaving her eyes to adjust to the morning light now streaming right in. Oh my god, oh god, oh was never to be the same after this.

He climbed back up her body arching over her, pressing his lips to hers he whispered “it’s ok”. Her soft mews still echoing into the room as she tried to come down from wherever he’d pushed her. With the pad of his thumb he traced the outline of her jaw. “You’re beautiful Lily”. And he meant it. Her blond hair stuck to the sides of her face, and her crystal blue eyes shone through the darkness.

Was he kidding? She was sweaty, dishevelled and felt like she needed a long hot shower. Beautiful? She reached up and cupped her palms around his face “Thank you” she said kissing him gently, the heady taste of herself on his lips. Thank you for the most fucking amazing orgasm of my life. Holy hell Lily.

He lifted her up the bed a little further lacing his hands in both of hers pinning them to each side of the bed. “I haven’t finished yet”. His head dipped down to her neck kissing the long line down to her shoulder. His cock was hard and ready for her, who was he kidding hearing her getting off like that did absolutely nothing for his own sanity. She drove him crazy just by breathing apparently.

He rolled his hips into her body, the tip of his cock just teasing at her opening.

More? He wanted more? Holy fuck, she’d be a mess after this. What surprised her more was the way her body reacted to his, already the need and the want was burning back inside her. Jesus Christ. Her legs fanned open as if they were made for him. He squeezed slowly inside her with long slow thrusts.

Her moans and the small noises she had no idea her body could make blended into one as she met him in a long kiss “Faster” she breathed. He released her hands and she wound them around his neck as he seated deep inside her lifting one of her legs across his hip.

Nothing else mattered; the strength between her legs and the hard faster movements had her clenching all around him. “Yes.....” Her lips desperate for his skin she nibbled up his chin scraping her teeth across his bottom lip before exploding her kiss on him.

The room darkened before exploding into stars when she gave her body over to him once more. His name a constant cry from her throat. The toe curling feeling ripped through her soul, this was unbelievable. Good Christ.

Her body fell silent before she felt him shatter above her spilling deep before he slumped down on her. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, them both slick in each other’s sweat a He rolled her onto their side and she nuzzled closely into his chest, nosing over the fur on his chest before resting her cheek against it.

Her cheeks flushed with the afterglow and her body tingled all over, and ached in all the most delicious places. No man had ever made her feel this wanted, this....dare she say it. Loved. She couldn’t hide the smile that was breaking over her face as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He let the tips of his fingers dust over her shoulders and down her spine as he felt her settle into him. Already he felt so protective of her, that she belonged to him. Fuck, it was so soon but it felt so right and no one had done that, in a very long time.


Kris said...

I just love this story!!! And I need a hot shower now...hope for more! ;-)