Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lily pulled the heavy wet sweater off her body and dried off quickly with a towel before changing into a light cotton button down shirt and a charcoal knee high skirt. She stood and tied up her hair in a loose ponytail and shook her arms. No need to be nervous, he was just a man she'd been here before wasn't as if this was prom night and this was her first time. She pressed her palms to her cheeks feeling the heat. Why did it feel that way? Because he's starting to mean something to you. That's why.

She padded back down the stairs by flashlight to where Jon was standing staring out to the skyline with a glass of wine in his hand. The silhouette of his body against the candlelight only highlighted where he was built in all the right places. She swallowed hard.

"Amazing isn't it. To see such a large area in darkness" she said staring out to buildings that usually were well lit for this time of night.

He turned and smiled holding out a glass of wine to her "I'm glad we got home when we did, I've been in New York for a black out, out and about and I'm telling you it's a little scary" he admitted. The outline of her black lacy bra through the see through cotton shirt did absolutely nothing for his impatient cock. Fuck.

She chuckled. "To tell you the truth, so am I. God, if a homeless man scares us to pieces, who knows what this would've done to me." She took a long sip of the wine, tasting its richness with a hint of apple. Leaning over she popped a cracker with a small slice of brie in her mouth.

He rested his glass down on a coaster on the wooden table and an old radio on the wall unit caught his eye. Ahh even battery operated. He flicked the dial and the old tune by Sam Cooke crackled to life amidst the dimly lit room.

The corners of his mouth twitched up and held out his hand to her. She placed her own wine down and took his hand. He drew her in close, his hardness pressing into her belly.

He groaned a little as he splayed his hand across her lower back. "You have no idea what you are doing to me" he whispered resting the side of his cheek against hers and they swayed to the music pulling her closer.

No idea what she was doing to him? God he had no idea what he did to her, years of not letting herself fall under any man's spell was starting to wash away. She was slipping, her body meshing into his. Good grief. The scent of rain and man swept over her, she closed her eyes and let her hands slide across the line of his spine to rest on his shoulder as their gazes connected.

Reaching up she brushed back his hair before pressing her lips to his. Surprisingly, her body was cooperating and not giving in like that last time. His kiss was soft at first, gentle before the hunger and need took over threatening to suck the very breath from her lungs. She pulled back just an inch letting herself breathe, panting against his lips he chuckled.

He swung her out around and back in closer letting his lips slide down the arch of her neck to the opening of her shirt where he flicked the buttons effortlessly pulling apart her shirt with his fingers. Tracing the soft curve of her breast with the knuckle of his index finger he stopped before flicking his thumb over her nipple, smiling when she gasped.

Hell they were so sensitive to his touch.

"Just the beginning LJ" he whispered into her lips before tugging her lower lip back into his mouth. Her own hands ran down his back and scooped around his waist to rest on his belt buckle. Her thumb tracing around the silver rectangle.

"God….." he drawled when her hand slipped further down to cup him he thrusted forward giving her more access. She held his gaze and they kissed again, she found her arms sliding up his body to the open v of his shirt and peeling it open resting her palms flat against the splattering of hair that was always amazingly softer than you expected it to be. He groaned when she scraped her nails across his hard nipples. She's going to kill me, and this is how I'm going to fuckin die at the mercy of a woman.

She squealed when in one quick motion he scooped her up in his arms "Jon" she gasped wrapping her hands around his neck.

He felt her body tighten but pressed a kiss on her forehead to help her relax.

"Bring the light" he said dipping her lower so she could reach over to the table and pick up one of the candleholders with one hand leaving the other one securely around his neck.

He slowly climbed the stairs to her bedroom letting her prop the brass candlestick down on the bedside table before laying her down on the bed. He followed her his knees hitting the bed behind her. He lifted one of her long legs against his shoulder kissing down the line of her calf right up to her knee slipping her skirt higher. The soft skin and sweet scent of her almost had him melting like jelly in her arms.

His eyes remained pinned to hers as his hand slid up her inner thigh. Her cheeks slightly flushing and her sun kissed hair splattering across the pillow. His other hand found her side zip of her skirt and effortlessly pulled it from her over her knees discarding it in a pool on the floor beside the bed.

His lips hit her neck, his hands sliding down her sides his thumbs hooking into the sides of her thong. She groaned when his wet hot mouth hit her breasts, even through the lace her nipples ached at his touch. Her hands feathered through his hair encouraging him not to stop.

He brushed back the hair from her face and dipped his lips in to hers, fuelled with fire and passion he followed the line of her neck down to her breasts dragging down the strap to expose her skin. His mouth scooped one of the pert nipples straight into his mouth flicking his tongue over the tip.

Her grip tightened in his hair "God Jon" she closed her eyes and sank back further wrapping her leg around his hip. She wanted him, like she'd never wanted anyone in her life. It scared her how much she wanted to let go with him, lose herself inside of him. That never happened to her. Ever.

Jon removed everything left on her so she lay there naked in the candlelight, the scent of summertime so strong off that skin. He arched above her and with the pad of his index finger he drew a line from her neck right down the centre of her. God she was beautiful, so delicate. He could have taken her rough and ready downstairs, fuck knows he wanted to. But no, she deserved so much more than that.

He shrugged off his shirt, letting that too fall to the ground before followed by the clunk of his belt, boots and jeans. Her hand grazed down his chest resting on his hips. She bit her lip as he nodded kissing her forehead. This was it, seriously no going back now. But she knew didn't want to. The need was there. Her fingers traced the deep curve of his v to meet his cock, she curled her fingers around the soft flesh that was hard in her hands and stroked him gently.

He tilted his head up and closed his eyes rolling his hips down further to meet her, his hissed when her nails grazed down the underside of him. "Fuck" he muttered into the darkness, his hands reaching out gripping the headboard to keep his body above hers.

Finally he dropped down pressing himself against her, her breasts into his chest and his hands moving to scoop under her shoulders, he lifted her up a little as he parted her legs with his knee sliding easily into her. The fire in his kiss taking a little more of her inside.

She gripped his shoulders as he rode above her, keeping his movements slow but firm. Her toes curled digging into the mattress and the muscles in her legs clenched as they tucked around his waist letting him open her wider.

"Jesus" she bit her lip, his gaze intently on hers with his forehead pressed against hers as he continued to stretch her. Her lips greedily kissed his letting his small grunts fly into his mouth.

He raised her higher bringing her up off the bed letting his hands splay across her back. His thumb found her knot of nerves brushing over it letting her climb higher, her gasps and hitched breaths made his cock tighten inside her.

Her whole body was shuddering, building like she was about to explode. Her hands gripped his back and she buried her face into his neck as she let go, the release making her shake in his arms crying his name out into the room. His body was warm and slick with sweat and he soon followed suite holding her close to him as he let go. She trembled not wanting to let go of him, murmuring into his shoulder.

"Shhh" he stroked her hair laying her back down in the bed pulling the covers over both of them. He rolled her into his chest and smiled, she was just as beautiful post sex as before, with her hair stuck to her face as he pushed it back.

Holy hell she was a mess, what the hell was that? She wrapped her arms around his waist and couldn't help the smile that was breaking out on her face. She nuzzled into his chest sweat mixing with warmth and finally comfort in his arms.

"Worth waiting for?" he asked her kissing the top of her head.

"Mmm hmm" was all she could reply still tangled around him, him still buried deep inside of her.