Sunday, October 5, 2008


Lily slammed shut her laptop in disgust. Stop it. Stop googling him! You're crazy you know that don't you? Jesus.

It had been two weeks since she'd flown back from New York, two long weeks of an unimaginable hell with work but she'd done it. She saved the Delmont account. After days and hours coming up with a new portfolio for their advertising strategy, she'd managed to single-handedly make Mr Delmont trust their company again. Delmont Holdings owned a pretty large proportion of the coffee industry in the United Kingdom and was now being recognised all over Europe. This would of been a huge blow to the company if he'd withdrawn. Countless dinners and meetings with his crew had finally paid off.

Miranda had been enforced to take a two week break, at Lily's discretion after blurting out the story of how her husband had been found cheating, so rightly so she'd been all over the place with work and everything else.

Her hands curled around each side of her red china mug breathing in the rich aroma of the Delmont espresso. Job well done. She hated to admit she'd been waiting or thinking that Jon was going to call or email. She leaned forward still clutching the mug resting her elbows on her polished oak desk. It just simply wasn't acceptable that she was feeling like a seventeen year old waiting for a boy to call. He obviously wasn't about to, so she had to get the hell over it.

Glancing down at her watch it was just before four, maybe she could grab the 4.30 yoga class after all.

Without been able to give it a second thought, she jumped at the loud buzz, nearly spilling coffee everywhere.

"Damn it" she cursed reaching for a wad of tissues. She hit the button to open the connection into her reception to Claire her assistant.

"Yes?" she asked letting her voice jam a couple of pitches up, furiously padding down the desk where she'd spilt the coffee.

"I've got someone to see you Ms St James, and he said he can't wait any longer" she told her.

Who the hell? She flicked open her leather bound appointment diary dragging her finger down the page to double check if she'd missed something but it still was blank.

"I haven't got an appointment with anyone, did he say who he was?" she asked. Claire knew better to push Lily, they'd butted heads once too often.

"No, he's just demanding to see you Ms. But he said you'd know why and that he can't wait any longer" she professionally read out. Lily groaned. If it was Mr Delmont again offering her tickets to the ballet or the opera she was going to scream.

Rolling her eyes she pushed back her leather swivel chair and stood up. For the love of god, enough with the cryptic damn messages. Marching across the room in her five inch black heels she flung open the door to her reception. I am so not in the mood for this.

Her heart skidded up into her throat at the vision of the leaning against her reception desk. Dressed in jeans and a midnight blue silk button down shirt, his face crept into a smile.

"Good afternoon Ms St James” Jon!.

He'd not meant to leave it this long, but once he'd returned to New York he'd had some family matters to take care of around the divorce. His brother had broke his shoulder, so Jon had been helping him out just until he'd got settled and some other business matters he'd figure he would wrap up before making the trip. This way, all going well he could stay the week with her.

Jon stifled a laugh at how just like him, she wasn't an easy woman to get hold of unless you knew her personally. He had thought about calling, emailing but the wow factor at arriving on her doorstep won over in the end. And now there she stood, it all came rushing back their last intimate moments in the Hamptons were still so fresh. The pencil tight knee-high pinstripe skirt was matched with a vest over a crisp white wide collared shirt. Her legs again showcased on those heels. Every bit as lovely as he remembered her last. Damn.

"Jon...What are you doing here?" she asked relaxing her stance, pulling back the Rottweiler attitude. Her eyes fell to the floor where a leather carry-all sat.

"Did I not tell you I'd find you?" he asked. He wanted her alone, sensing that she never let her guard down in front of people. He motioned towards her office "Care to invite me in?"

Lily took a step back, her mind still whirling into overdrive that he'd actually come. She wasn't sure if she was petrified or excited to see him again. A mix of both, she decided.

She held out her hand "Please come in" she said walking back in. He was here, he was really here? She tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ear and wished silently she'd checked herself over before opening the door. He was here, holy hell. He was really here.

Her heart hammered loudly in her chest watching him walk in and close the door behind him. His bag thudded to the floor as he moved closer to her. She wanted him to engulf her, would they just pick up from where they left off? How long was he here for? Where was he intending to stay? Stop it, stop over analysing everything and without thinking she slapped her hand against her head. Oh god, you are something else aren't you?

Jon reached her seeing how nervous she was, "Hey..." he smoothed his hands down her arms and drew her in close to him. Pressing his forehead against hers he whispered "Hi". She stiffened a little in his arms with his soothing touches he soon felt her body ease into him.

The mixture of minty gum and spice consumed her once again, her hands reaching out and resting on his chest, feeling the heat of him through his shirt. "I can't believe you are here" she whispered back finally letting herself breathe a little. How did he do that to her? One stare, and one touch seemed to launch her off the pad of all things stable so easily.

Their lips just inches away, the ice in her eyes now more than melted leaving a warm blue that had Jon wondering how many people actually got to see it in her. "You didn't think that I would forget about you that easily? Did you forget about me?" he asked softly into her lips, his eyes honing on the slick glossed lips just within reach.

Her eyes closed, and her body spiralled forward in towards him "No, I didn't but I thought..." she didn't get to finish her sentence when his lips dusted over hers that it was almost a nonexistent kiss. She wanted more, her body melting into his, her hands slipping around his neck deepening the kiss right to her very core. Those lips were so soft. Not right.

His tongue plunged inside her mouth tasting and teasing each inch of her mouth. She tasted sweeter than before and there it was that sultry summer smell of coconuts with a surprising hint of pineapple smell was back. At last.

Pulling away he moved his hands to each side of her neck "You thought wrong Ms St James"

She wanted to tell him she was so pleased he'd come, she wanted to tell him how much she'd actually missed him but she couldn't bring herself to do so. He was here and that was the main thing.

"Well welcome to London Mr Bongiovi" she smiled leaning back in his arms. "And more importantly welcome to where it all happens" she winked with a sense of pride she looked around the room.

Jon spun her around so he was against her back and wrapped his arms around her and took in the office, a large oak desk centred the room with the tones of maroon and brown's filling out the room giving a very old but classic feel to the room. His nose buried into the arch of her neck chased by a kiss as he went "It's gorgeous, and very you".

She clasped his hands around her waist as he gently swayed her in his heavy embrace. "The best part of it is this" she said picking up a remote control and flicking a button. "Is this" The smooth sounds of Dean Martin filling the room from nowhere.

Jon looked around. There was no stereo system that existed in the room. It was all inbuilt and internal. Taking the remote from her and flicked a couple of dials, hearing music from Frank Sinatra and Elvis float through the room which each flick. "I think I love you already"

Her heart skipped a beat, it was a joke but the reality was nobody had ever declared those words to her, in the heat of any moment. What scared her was the thought that this could actually happen with him. She had never felt this way around anyone before. Closing off any more such thoughts she pulled away, moving towards her desk to break the thought cycle.

Jon didn't let her get far, pulling her back into his embrace his fingers reaching around her slim waist. He shouldn't have said the L word whether it was in jest or not. Damn it. She wasn't ready for that. His lips brushed over her ear "LJ you're not getting away from me this time"

God LJ? He had a name for her? She trembled in his arms, so assuring, so warm she knew there was no backing out now. Her hand reached around back to his cheek.

"I'm assuming that you haven't checked into a hotel?" she asked making a bold move, telling him what he wanted to hear.

"Nope...right off the plane to here...should I be?" he asked giving her any opportunity if she felt uncomfortable to say it now.

"No, good" was all she said the corners of her mouth twitching at the corners in anticipation. This was going to kill her. A man in her house? God. The place wouldn't know itself.

"I make a mean coffee in the morning" he added with a chuckle.
Lily finally pulled away from him "I'm going to hold you to that I hope you realise, if you can tame my coffee machine you'll get extra credit" she said walking back to behind her desk.

Standing she clicked her mouse to shut down her PC and packed her laptop in its bag. "How long are you here for?" she asked.

Scratching his head Jon replied "Um, possibly a week?" he asked testing the waters.

Jon found his finger curling, wanting to reach out and tuck the loose strands of her hair back that was falling free from the business like knot she'd tied her hair in. His eyes fell to her chest and admired how snug her breasts were sitting underneath the pinstripe vest. He had to be careful, as much as he wanted to take her home and sleep with her the minute they got there, he needed to show her he wasn't just here for that. In the short time they'd known each other she'd become more to him than just that, and she deserved to be treated so.

She shuffled some files back into her cabinet, grabbing her light black woollen coat she shrugged into it before tying it firmly around her middle, adjusting the collar.

"So what is there to do in London on Halloween?" Jon asked curiously. Halloween always had been a huge thing back home and right now he knew his children where planning their costumes for a night of trick or treating. Stephanie had decided she would be a princess of course, and Jesse a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Locking her draws, she slipped her keys into her purse "Well" she said thoughtfully, and then it came to her. "How would you like to do a Jack the Ripper tour? After dark, they're doing tours tonight on foot" she asked slinging her bag over her shoulder.

His eyebrow rose "Now that actually sounds interesting? You walk around where it actually all happened?" he asked interested. One thing about London was it’s fascinating history.

She nodded "Uh huh, with a guide and he tells you all about the history, could be kind of eerie for a Halloween night don't you think?" she asked. It was something she'd wanted to do since she moved to London but she just didn't have the time, or anyone to go with.

"I like it, you've sold me. But first..." he said with a gleam in his eye holding his hand out to Lily.

She took his hand and the other one nestled inside her coat pocket, she wanted him to suggest it she did but was she ready for it?

"I take you out to dinner" he announced tucked his arm around hers.

She laughed leaning into him relief that they didn't have to face this just yet and again pleased to be in the heat of him. "Sounds like a plan"


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YES, he made it to London!!! Really happy to see this one continuing. Cant wait for more :)