Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Grabbing Lily with both arms he moved her to his side away from the dark figure standing cloaked in front of them. Bringing her hand to her chest Lily caught her breath "It's ok, Jon it's a homeless man" she panted clutching her other hand around his arm nearly losing her balance off her boot.

"Oh damn it!" she swore picking up the heel that had snapped off when she'd obviously jumped off guard.

"Jesus Christ" Jon swore raking his hair, his heartbeat drumming loudly in his ears. He held her, balancing her before she toppled over into him.

"Any change kind sir?" the dishevelled man offered his hand towards them.

Jon fished in his pockets and found the spare change throwing it in his hand. He scooped Lily up in his arms and started a slow jog down the alleyway. When they were out of sight he stopped catching his breath but still keeping her in his arms.

"Are you ok?" Jon asked her looking for any signs of damage "Didn't twist the ankle or anything?" he asked looking closer at her feet.

She laughed gripping onto his neck tighter "I'm fine you can put me down, I'll manage" she said. Jon lifted down carefully balancing her feet on the ground. "God, I thought that man was going to mug us, or I don't know what I thought" she said trying to laugh.

Jon chuckled watching her negotiate her step "It sure gave me a damn fright. Are you sure you're ok. I can just carry you, it's not trouble" he grinned.

“No, I’m good” Her stubborn streak was shining through as she attempted to walk and lost her footing grabbing onto his sleeve.

"See?" he asked snaking his hands around her waist to steady her.

"I'm fine Jon" she snapped before unsuccessfully tripping into him again.
He burst out laughing "Yup, you're fine.... swell even" he teased straightening her clothes.

She huffed and tugged at her cap straightening it before tucking her hair behind her ears "Fine. Carry me then".

Jon picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the stream of street lightning in the distance. “You wish is my command”

"Don't laugh it's not funny" she said slapping him playfully, as the shit eating grin on his face grew wider.

"Oh come on why not, you're cute when you're mad did you know that?" he asked with a grin. The determined look on her face wavering into a smile.

"Come on just carry me to a cab then" she demanded trying to pout but her lips twitched at the sides giving her away. How he managed to do this to her so easily, she had no idea.

"Yes your royal highness" he mocked with a wink lifting her knees as he adjusted his arm that had curled under them. He walked for a few minutes longer before the street became visible through the light haze. He dropped her down gently beside the cab and opened the door for her.

She climbed in, gave the driver the address before Jon scooted over and joined her. "Hell of a night huh?" he asked with a chuckle.

"God, I guess that tour gave me a little more spooks than I intended it to" she said staring out at the lonely empty streets as they whizzed by.

"Me too" he whispered "The sad thing of course if that sort of thing still happens into today's world. Except our serial killers have much more advanced weapons and techniques it seems" he said stretching his arm around the back of her shoulders.

"I had fun though, even if we nearly had a heart attack caused by a homeless guy" he chuckled pressing a kiss to her temple.

She laughed "We were a little silly and spooked weren't we?" she turned and looked up feeling her skin tingle with the two baby blue's that were staring back at her. A stare that could melt almost anything she bet. The comfort and humour between them had relaxed her but now she was nervous. Heading home with him and what would happen. It wasn't as if she had never been here with a guy, not in the least. It was just something different. Something overwhelming and it was more than that Irish Spring kept wafting over her.

"One way to cure that love" he said a small grin creeping onto his face.

"Is that all men ever think about?" she asked flicking her gaze down to his lips as she inched closer.

"Only when they're looking at you" he replied with a grin, rolling his eyes at the cheese in the statement himself.

"Oh good lord, how you ever bedded that many woman in your rock star days with those lines I'll never know" she dragged his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked gently on it.

"LJ" he breathed, his cock was already waking up and needed to play. This was his Lily, the one he always fought to bring out. Something more under that cool calm and collective attitude she had going on. Something worth fighting for.

"Uh huh... you know" she said leaning back against the leather seat "We didn't get dinner. Are you still hungry?" she asked.

Jon flicked a strand of her hair with his finger "Actually not so much, wouldn't say no to a nightcap and I'm guessing you have some wine at your place"

"That I do, I'll set out some crackers and cheese with a nice Merlot" she said. Before we........ god.. here come the shakes again. She held her hands together, Why was she nervous?

"Sounds delicious" maybe I could eat mine off you. Really how much torture was really possible here? Jesus.

The cab stopped outside the apartment building and Lily paid the driver before taking Jon's hand, in slow motion she stepped out to the curb a loud clap of thunder echoed over them before the heaven’s opened.

"You're kidding me" she cursed the large drops splattering against her face.

"Here" Jon again picked her up cradling in her arms running towards the entrance way splashing through the puddles. Once in the lift she pressed the button to her floor and shook herself.

"God look at us, we're soaked" she laughed.

"No excuses for not taking your clothes off when we get inside then is there" he teasing his lips over hers.

Two minutes later they were inside, Lily kicked off her boots padding towards the light switch. She flicked it and nothing happened.

"Oh god" she moaned. Anything else wanted to go wrong?" she flicked her sopping strands of hair back from her face. "The powers out, this happens sometimes in storms" the apartment lit with a sheet of blue as she moved to the wooden cupboard where she kept some candles.

She felt arms wrap around her from behind and his warm breath on her neck "Let me do that, why don't you get some cheese and wine, and I'll take care of the lights" he whispered. She closed her eyes and swayed with him momentarily tempted to flag the wine and cheese as his fingers teased at the hem of her sweater. Her head fell back against his shoulder and his wet lips descended her neck.

“Right… wine…cheese…” she closed her eyes the crisp smell of rain and man taking over her senses. He finally released his grip and let her go. She grabbed a hair elastic and tied up her water logged hair before fixing a small platter of cheese and crackers.

“I so need to get changed out of this, I hate being wet” she said. The usually soft cashmere was becoming scratchy and heavy against her skin. She grabbed two wine glasses from the bar and a bottle of Merlot walking into the living area now alight with the warm glow of amber.

“I’ll pour, you go change” he said taking the wine from her.

“OK you want me to grab anything for you?” she asked fishing for a flashlight in the draw. She clicked it on and followed the beam up the stairs.

“I’m right” Now god damn hurry, before I follow you up there myself. This was killing him, slowly.


Kris said...

Love it! Just finished reading "End of the summer nioghts" and these five chapters. Absolutly great! Really like the idea that they are a bit unsure and not jumping into bed right the first minute,...well we know they tried, but anyway...Can't wait for more.