Thursday, October 30, 2008


While Jon was in the shower, Lily pulled herself out of bed wrapping her fluffy lemon robe around herself securely before scooping up the remains of breakfast and taking them to the trash. She padded through the living room and fetched the paper from her front door. Flicking on her stereo system she sat down at her large oak dining room table she slapped down the newspaper, fanning the pages out.

The sounds of Ruby Tuesday by the Stones filled her apartment and she found herself staring out the window with a ridiculous grin spreading across her face. Good grief. If someone had asked her a week ago whether she saw something like this happening in her life, she would have said hell no. Of course he had to be based in New York, the old Lily would have been pleased that was guaranteed space between them but already she was dreading him leaving again at the end of the week.

She sighed and started scanning the headlines, same old security scares… it was becoming the normal since September 11. Something however did pop out and made her eyes widen "Holy shit" she breathed bringing her hand to her face.

"Please don't tell me there are pictures of us in the paper, damn paparazzi" came Jon's voice from the top of the stairs. She looked up stunned not even noticing how delicious he was looking this morning.

"Ah no, it's not that" she said turning her direction back to the paper.

He frowned and jogged down the rest of the stairs "What is it?" he asked. The expression on face had hardened her usual soft features. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. What’s gotten her so freaked?

"This" she said pointing to an article in the paper that read Homeless man kills in cold blood. "This is where we were last night, and the homeless man we frightened by, according to the time that this murder happened it was a little after we had walked down there" she said curling the corners of the newsprint.

"Well shit, seriously?" Jon went on to read the article over her shoulder. It seemed a young girl had been in the wrong place at the wrong time on the end of desperation from the homeless man. He slowly rubbed her arms "Hey, well least we were together he couldn't take us both on obviously" he pressed a kiss on the top of her head. Thank god nothing had happened to them, worst of all her.

"Yeah I know, a little freaky though don't you think? I sometimes do walk down that way if I've been to the markets just around from there" she said absently. It wasn't unusual for a place as huge as London, the papers were always filled with attacks and murders but this one just hit a little closer to home. A close call.

"Well you won't be any more ok?" he asked gently pulling her up from the chair and turning her around to face him. He cupped her face letting his fingers drag under her chin.

She nodded "Right" how it was every time she stared into those aqua eyes things always became better somehow. She let her fingers trail up the black button down shirt he had on and curled around his collar. "Guess I was lucky that you were there" she murmured into his lips leaning forward brushing hers over his.

He grinned letting his arms fall around her waist tucking her against him "I'd always protect you LJ"

She pressed her nosed her way through the opening of his shirt and took in the scent of soap and spiced man. "I know you would" she relaxed against him.

"So what are we doing today?" he asked "Did you call into work?" wondering how much that would of killed her to be so naughty almost.

She chuckled "Yes I did, I said I might pop in later on…" she said. Although now the lure of him right here was tempting to forget that promise. Worst case scenario she had remote access to her office from home.

He shook his head "You're not going in, and that's final" he said waiting for her to snap back at him. She looked up and met his gaze.

"Ok, I don't have to"

His brow shot up "That easy huh?" he teased. He’d expected have to fight just a little harder than that with her.

"I'm the boss, I can do what I like. Thought I must tell you I haven't not been in for years though so this is a first… you're a bad influence on me" she said tapping his nose with the end of her finger.

"I can handle that" he brushed his lips lightly across hers, his tongue pushed past her lips into her heated mouth. His hands tangled in her hair edging her closer to him. He found the tie of her robe and tugged at it until the knot came free. He shifted the openings of her robe so it slid down across her shoulders. He dipped his head to the arch of her neck and using his mouth he had the first soft moans from her throat.

He let his hands travel up her body pushing more of the terry cloth material away, he cupped her breasts letting his thumbs scrape over her nipples.

“Jon” she murmured into his mouth feeling her body start to quiver. The shock that she was aroused so soon was almost too much, this man was going to kill her. The long distance thing was going to work JUST fine if every time they did see each other this happened.

Her whole body was turning to jelly when his teeth caught her lobe and his hands continued to roam down her body. He walked her backwards towards the wall. She gasped when he pressed her there, with no intention to let her move. His fingers traced up her inner thighs so achingly close to her heated core but not close enough. Her face already growing heavy with a warm flush, her head fell back.

“Tell me you want me here, right now...” his voice whispered against her chin as he nibbled his way back up to her lips.

“Tell me” Jon’s own breathing becoming laboured.

Right here? Against the wall? God, she hated that he probably could have asked her to do ten handstands across the room right now and she would. Shit.

“I want you” she squeaked out when his finger slid into her heat.


“Jon” she whined. She didn’t beg and he was driving her to do it.

Still with sleep and sex the scent of mangoes and coconut was there, along with the silky feel of her skin which was about to destroy him in a heartbeat. He nipped around her shoulders and let one more finger slip into her, by reaction her leg lifted and wrapped around his hip. She arched back letting him take her, his lips finding her breast pulling her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh god” she groaned her fingers once again finding that golden honey hair and tangling through it.

He flicked at the nipple bobbing in his mouth, each time a small cry lifted from her throat.

“Here?” he asked again, against the fragrant swell of her breast.

“Here” she confirmed pulling his head up to hers. “Oh god, here” she whispered crashing her mouth against his. He moved his hand from her and quickly unfastening his jeans letting them pool around his ankles.

Pulling her other leg across his waist he entered her, driving past the heat and explosion of pleasure. Tiny sweat beads fell from his temples as she wrapped her arms around his neck pretty sure she was about to have the ride of her life.

And for a whole week in London, Jon and Lily enjoyed that ride, getting to know each other and fall into the ease of having each other around. It’s true what they say, life threatening situations often spur life reaffirming ones. In this case, Lily St James was reaffirmed, again... and again.

Till next time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


A while later Lily rolled over unconsciously patting out to feel where her new bed partner was, but again it was empty. She shot up clutching the sheet to her chest wondering if she’d dreamt everything for a second. But on her bedside cabinet was a small post-it-note. She peeled it off and raised her eyebrow.

Gone to get breakfast, you’re not going into work.

Work! Holy shit, she picked up her watch it was after nine am! She reached over to the bedside cordless and waited for a dial tone; the power obviously coming back on in the night. In all the five years that she’d worked in London she’d never been late or sick ONCE.

“Claire, it’s Lily....” did she lie? Did she say she was sick? She always went in if she was dying or not.

“I wondered where you got to, but figured that delicious American gentleman had been occupying you” she said. Lily closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. God, everyone will know. This didn’t happen to her and it was about to be the biggest office gossip since the photocopier guy and Stella were found in the supply room.

“Well he’s just a friend and since he’s over I figured I need to be polite, but I’ll call in a little later and check on things” she instructed.

“Ok Lily, but seriously if I can give you some advice you should...”

“I don’t want it Claire, I’ll see you later on call me if you need to” she disconnected the call. The last thing she wanted was her personal business to become the love affair of the century. She slid from the bed and padded through to the bathroom taking care of business before washing up and splashing some water on her face.

The woman staring back at her from the mirror was a different woman, dishevelled hair, swollen lips and rosy cheeks. Quite the wanton sex kitten look. “Jesus” she said splashing more water on her face and running a comb though her hair. The snick of the door downstairs brought her back into the bedroom reaching for her robe.

“Uh uh... back in bed Miss” she looked up to see Jon standing in the doorway in jeans, a tight black v-neck and sunglasses armed with a large brown paper bag and a tray of exceptionally large coffees.

She laughed and slid back under the sheets sitting up tucking the sheet around her. Dropping his shades he knelt down resting the cardboard tray and bag on the bedside table.

“Don’t lift a finger” he instructed, she chuckled and leant back against propped pillows. She reached over and hit the button on the side of the wall which automatically made the drapes open letting the sun hit the room.

Jon snorted “Niiice work St James” he pulled off his jeans and climbed into the bed beside her. Reaching over her kissed her gently on the lips “Good morning, again” his eyes flicked up from her lips to her eyes.

“Morning to you too” she grinned tugging at the one black tee. “This has to go; I’m naked so you should be its only fair”

Jon laughed and pulled the tee over his head before discarding it. “Happy?” he asked smirking satisfied when her eyes dragged down to his chest.

“No” she leant forward keeping her eyes on him but her arm kept going past him “What’s in the bag?”

He grabbed her hand “Patience dear” he quipped reaching over for the coffee, “now non fat latte double shot?” he asked handing her a polystyrene cup.

“God yes, thank you” she said accepting it and taking a long sip “Sweet mother of mercy that is a good brew”

“You’re not wrong there” he said sipping his own before swapping it for the bag of baked good’s he bought “Now, lets’ see how good I got here” he said crinkling the bag open and diving his hand in to bring out a croissant and holding it in front of her, when she went to grab it he pulled it away.

“Now wait, this is the fun part” he ripped the edge off and popped it in his mouth “Mmm, not bad at all, did you want some?” he asked with a grin.

She narrowed her eyes, he was such a shit sometimes. She hated how she’d just about end up begging for anything from him. That was a trick that no man had learnt to do. “No, I’m good actually” she said nonchalantly looking away sipping her coffee desperately trying to block the warm buttery smell wafting from his side of the bed.

She took a sip of her coffee “You’ll get crumbs all in the bed and I’ll need to change the sheets”

Jon snorted “You’ll need to do that anyway don’t you think?” he grinned.

Her cheeks heated “Just give me the damn croissant” she snapped unsuccessfully hiding the smile on her lips.

“Open wide” he said raising an eyebrow lifting the pastry just in front of her mouth.

“Been there done that already” she muttered before widening her eyes. What the hell did this man do to her? She’d gone from frigid to flirty in a heartbeat around him. Damn.

“Indeed you have LJ” he said directing the fluffy pastry to her mouth. She took a bite and tore into it.

“Good?” he asked.

She moaned in appreciation “I’m starving, it’s delicious” He fed her the rest slowly before reaching for the next one. It was a weird feeling, being so comfortable with him, both strewn in sheets in bed eating pastry and drinking coffee. Nothing uncomfortable about this morning after.

They talked and ate their breakfast learning more about what they were doing, Jon was on a break from touring and was pursuing the idea of an acoustic show performing all their songs as never seen before and Lily just talked about the business and the accounts that she had been working on.

“Do you always want to be based in London?” Jon asked running his finger around the rim of the plastic lid.

She leant back “No, I love London I do... and I love working for the family firm but one day I’d always thought about doing my own thing based back in the US... maybe New York” she pondered. She was pretty sure by now she’d be able to get a job pretty much anywhere with her record but somehow always felt so compelled to stay in London. For her mother.

Jon chuckled “Well it would make the jet setting I’m going to have to do a lot easier if you ever did decide to move to New York” he grinned when she gave him a questionable look.

“You think I’m going to leave London and never come back and see you? You’re not getting off that lightly” he picked up her hand and brought it to his lips.

She didn’t know what she thought, she assumed in her head that things has got past the one night stand situation but that’s as far as she’d managed to work out. She was so far removed from the relationship game these days she didn’t know how to act. The logical part of her brain took over and started to ask a million questions about how would this even work?

“I’m pleased about that, but you think it will work? I’ve got to be here all winter” she asked looking straight into crystal blue eyes.

“I’ll buy more turtlenecks” he said with a broad smile putting his cup back on the bedside table before taking hers and doing the same.

With the bottom of his thumb he stroked her cheek “I’ll make it work, Lily no woman has made me twitch in places, the way you do in a long time” he pressed his lips against hers. She really had become to mean something just more than a one night fling to him and he knew it.

She closed her eyes and fell into the kiss, her hands wrapping around his shoulders. “I’m just not very good at this sort of thing Jon” she admitted, he had to know what he was in for. She commanded the boardroom with ease, but her own love-life was a completely different story.

He pushed back her hair from her forehead with his knuckles “You’re better than you think...and I’m no Casanova either LJ, don’t paint me to be something I’m not. I just want to be with you... that’s all”

She relaxed into his grip her cheek pressing against his shoulder “I do with drive me the best way possible” God, she admitted that? Gah!

The slow rumble of his laugh shook against her “Don’t give me ideas woman, you know where that gets you now”

Oh god, she had no idea why she felt the need to say it...”This morning....when man has ever....bothered-“but she was cut off and her face was tilted towards his.

“Well they didn’t deserve you did they?” he asked. Her vulnerability was almost beautiful, the very heart of her he had right in his arms and he was determined not to let it go to waste.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


It had to be a couple of hours when Lily woke, the room was still dark and the smell of extinguished candles drifted across her nose as she became conscious. She couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as she turned her head to see the man responsible for it, but frowned when all she saw was an empty pillow. He’d gone? So soon? Rubbing her forehead to regain some of form of straight thinking until she realized she was lying flat on her back and her knees were up. Before she could speak, the bed moved and the sheet lifted from.....down there.

Three seconds away from asking what he was doing vanished when the wet, warm feel of lips scraped up her inner thigh. Gasping she pushed her arms out clutching for the sheets. What the hell was he – Oh sweet Jesus.........She cried out at the feather soft stroke of his tongue down the very heart of her.

“Jon!” she twisted her head trying to look down but all she could see the tented sheet and a little bobbing movement.

“Oh god” fingers. Fingers teased down her slits goosing her arms. She couldn’t see him. She needed to, from what they’d just shared she had that need to see and hold him. But no, that wasn’t about to happen here.

The flat of his tongue licked all the way up, and all the way down. Her hips arched high off the bed, and she was sure she was about to die. This was fucking incredible. Her hands reached down desperate to touch him still unsure if she wanted him to stop or not.

“Jon, please..... Stop” she panted, her breasts heaving and her heart pounding against her ribs.

The warm wet sensation stopped and her body went cold at the void. “Ok, don’t stop” she whispered. God she hated what he was doing to her, no.....that was incorrect. She loved it. No man, oh god no man had ever bothered to pay her attention, well. Down there.

The low rumble of a chuckle could be heard through the sheets before his fingertips trailed back up her thighs. She bit her lip and sank back into the pillows and waited for her torture.

He’d woke early and spent a good ten minutes watching her sleep, so peacefully with a small smile that would twitch at the corners of her lips every so often. She was gorgeous, and thank fuck they’d finally got here as he’d doubted he’d of lasted much longer. Glancing at the clock beside her bed it was still very early morning. Time to have some fun.

And so he’d crept down the bed and under the sheets propping her legs up gently not to wake her until what he’d planned would. Drawing lazy circles with the tip of his tongue he worked his way up her thighs to her heated centre.

Ah, she was awake. Her body was twitching and her hitched breaths told him she didn’t know what to make of it all. “Just relax LJ” he breathed into the heart of her following with long strong tongue strokes before he slid two fingers inside her.

At that moment Lily lost her sanity, his fingers and tongue working her core pushing every coherrent thought, far to the back of her mind. “Oh Jon” she cried, slamming her eyes shut and gritting her teeth as his thumb raked over her tight knot of nerves. “Jesus” her voice grew raspy and desperate. She lifted her legs wrapping them around his neck bringing her hips right off the bed as she surrendered everything to him.

She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe all she could do was cry begging for the release she so wanted to come. Her hands tugged away the sheet that was strewn over him and through the dawn’s light that now crept across the bed those dark blue eyes locked on hers.

He pulled back a few inches leaving her legs firmly wrapped around his neck “Good morning” his lips parted licking the corners of his mouth. Right up her body, she was gorgeous. His cock twitched at the sight of the peaks of her breasts.

“Please. I need you” she cursed herself for the begging mess she was in.

“How much?” he asked grinning blowing on her heat.

She groaned “I hate you” between clenched teeth.

He reached out and ran his index finger down her flat belly “Your sounds would suggest otherwise LJ” he teased. He bit his lip to stop from laughing when her face fell to a frown.

Her nipples were aching, spreading the need she was craving all over her body. She locked her hands on his hair, her fingers twisting madly “Jon, you’re a shit”. He had her right where he wanted her, she was pretty sure she’d just about do anything to get him going again. And that scared the living crap out of her.

A laugh vibrated in his throat “Won’t disagree with you there darling, should of thought of that before you jumped into bed with me? Huh?” the temptation too much, he used his thumb to scrape over one of her pert nipples.

Her body collapsed back against the sheets the Egyptian cotton plastering to her back. He was going to kill her, he really was. A second later she felt it, the rough caress of his tongue against her again careening her off the bed. “Shit” she muttered closing her eyes concentrating on every flick, and nip his mouth was inflicting on her. Her body screaming on the inside.

Then it came out of nowhere like a freight train rocketing through her body, unable to do nothing except cry out the release that she’d been craving her whole body shuddered against him.

She collapsed in a wrinkled heap gasping for breath, her heart hammering loudly in her throat. The white flash in her brain subsiding leaving her eyes to adjust to the morning light now streaming right in. Oh my god, oh god, oh was never to be the same after this.

He climbed back up her body arching over her, pressing his lips to hers he whispered “it’s ok”. Her soft mews still echoing into the room as she tried to come down from wherever he’d pushed her. With the pad of his thumb he traced the outline of her jaw. “You’re beautiful Lily”. And he meant it. Her blond hair stuck to the sides of her face, and her crystal blue eyes shone through the darkness.

Was he kidding? She was sweaty, dishevelled and felt like she needed a long hot shower. Beautiful? She reached up and cupped her palms around his face “Thank you” she said kissing him gently, the heady taste of herself on his lips. Thank you for the most fucking amazing orgasm of my life. Holy hell Lily.

He lifted her up the bed a little further lacing his hands in both of hers pinning them to each side of the bed. “I haven’t finished yet”. His head dipped down to her neck kissing the long line down to her shoulder. His cock was hard and ready for her, who was he kidding hearing her getting off like that did absolutely nothing for his own sanity. She drove him crazy just by breathing apparently.

He rolled his hips into her body, the tip of his cock just teasing at her opening.

More? He wanted more? Holy fuck, she’d be a mess after this. What surprised her more was the way her body reacted to his, already the need and the want was burning back inside her. Jesus Christ. Her legs fanned open as if they were made for him. He squeezed slowly inside her with long slow thrusts.

Her moans and the small noises she had no idea her body could make blended into one as she met him in a long kiss “Faster” she breathed. He released her hands and she wound them around his neck as he seated deep inside her lifting one of her legs across his hip.

Nothing else mattered; the strength between her legs and the hard faster movements had her clenching all around him. “Yes.....” Her lips desperate for his skin she nibbled up his chin scraping her teeth across his bottom lip before exploding her kiss on him.

The room darkened before exploding into stars when she gave her body over to him once more. His name a constant cry from her throat. The toe curling feeling ripped through her soul, this was unbelievable. Good Christ.

Her body fell silent before she felt him shatter above her spilling deep before he slumped down on her. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, them both slick in each other’s sweat a He rolled her onto their side and she nuzzled closely into his chest, nosing over the fur on his chest before resting her cheek against it.

Her cheeks flushed with the afterglow and her body tingled all over, and ached in all the most delicious places. No man had ever made her feel this wanted, this....dare she say it. Loved. She couldn’t hide the smile that was breaking over her face as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He let the tips of his fingers dust over her shoulders and down her spine as he felt her settle into him. Already he felt so protective of her, that she belonged to him. Fuck, it was so soon but it felt so right and no one had done that, in a very long time.


Lily pulled the heavy wet sweater off her body and dried off quickly with a towel before changing into a light cotton button down shirt and a charcoal knee high skirt. She stood and tied up her hair in a loose ponytail and shook her arms. No need to be nervous, he was just a man she'd been here before wasn't as if this was prom night and this was her first time. She pressed her palms to her cheeks feeling the heat. Why did it feel that way? Because he's starting to mean something to you. That's why.

She padded back down the stairs by flashlight to where Jon was standing staring out to the skyline with a glass of wine in his hand. The silhouette of his body against the candlelight only highlighted where he was built in all the right places. She swallowed hard.

"Amazing isn't it. To see such a large area in darkness" she said staring out to buildings that usually were well lit for this time of night.

He turned and smiled holding out a glass of wine to her "I'm glad we got home when we did, I've been in New York for a black out, out and about and I'm telling you it's a little scary" he admitted. The outline of her black lacy bra through the see through cotton shirt did absolutely nothing for his impatient cock. Fuck.

She chuckled. "To tell you the truth, so am I. God, if a homeless man scares us to pieces, who knows what this would've done to me." She took a long sip of the wine, tasting its richness with a hint of apple. Leaning over she popped a cracker with a small slice of brie in her mouth.

He rested his glass down on a coaster on the wooden table and an old radio on the wall unit caught his eye. Ahh even battery operated. He flicked the dial and the old tune by Sam Cooke crackled to life amidst the dimly lit room.

The corners of his mouth twitched up and held out his hand to her. She placed her own wine down and took his hand. He drew her in close, his hardness pressing into her belly.

He groaned a little as he splayed his hand across her lower back. "You have no idea what you are doing to me" he whispered resting the side of his cheek against hers and they swayed to the music pulling her closer.

No idea what she was doing to him? God he had no idea what he did to her, years of not letting herself fall under any man's spell was starting to wash away. She was slipping, her body meshing into his. Good grief. The scent of rain and man swept over her, she closed her eyes and let her hands slide across the line of his spine to rest on his shoulder as their gazes connected.

Reaching up she brushed back his hair before pressing her lips to his. Surprisingly, her body was cooperating and not giving in like that last time. His kiss was soft at first, gentle before the hunger and need took over threatening to suck the very breath from her lungs. She pulled back just an inch letting herself breathe, panting against his lips he chuckled.

He swung her out around and back in closer letting his lips slide down the arch of her neck to the opening of her shirt where he flicked the buttons effortlessly pulling apart her shirt with his fingers. Tracing the soft curve of her breast with the knuckle of his index finger he stopped before flicking his thumb over her nipple, smiling when she gasped.

Hell they were so sensitive to his touch.

"Just the beginning LJ" he whispered into her lips before tugging her lower lip back into his mouth. Her own hands ran down his back and scooped around his waist to rest on his belt buckle. Her thumb tracing around the silver rectangle.

"God….." he drawled when her hand slipped further down to cup him he thrusted forward giving her more access. She held his gaze and they kissed again, she found her arms sliding up his body to the open v of his shirt and peeling it open resting her palms flat against the splattering of hair that was always amazingly softer than you expected it to be. He groaned when she scraped her nails across his hard nipples. She's going to kill me, and this is how I'm going to fuckin die at the mercy of a woman.

She squealed when in one quick motion he scooped her up in his arms "Jon" she gasped wrapping her hands around his neck.

He felt her body tighten but pressed a kiss on her forehead to help her relax.

"Bring the light" he said dipping her lower so she could reach over to the table and pick up one of the candleholders with one hand leaving the other one securely around his neck.

He slowly climbed the stairs to her bedroom letting her prop the brass candlestick down on the bedside table before laying her down on the bed. He followed her his knees hitting the bed behind her. He lifted one of her long legs against his shoulder kissing down the line of her calf right up to her knee slipping her skirt higher. The soft skin and sweet scent of her almost had him melting like jelly in her arms.

His eyes remained pinned to hers as his hand slid up her inner thigh. Her cheeks slightly flushing and her sun kissed hair splattering across the pillow. His other hand found her side zip of her skirt and effortlessly pulled it from her over her knees discarding it in a pool on the floor beside the bed.

His lips hit her neck, his hands sliding down her sides his thumbs hooking into the sides of her thong. She groaned when his wet hot mouth hit her breasts, even through the lace her nipples ached at his touch. Her hands feathered through his hair encouraging him not to stop.

He brushed back the hair from her face and dipped his lips in to hers, fuelled with fire and passion he followed the line of her neck down to her breasts dragging down the strap to expose her skin. His mouth scooped one of the pert nipples straight into his mouth flicking his tongue over the tip.

Her grip tightened in his hair "God Jon" she closed her eyes and sank back further wrapping her leg around his hip. She wanted him, like she'd never wanted anyone in her life. It scared her how much she wanted to let go with him, lose herself inside of him. That never happened to her. Ever.

Jon removed everything left on her so she lay there naked in the candlelight, the scent of summertime so strong off that skin. He arched above her and with the pad of his index finger he drew a line from her neck right down the centre of her. God she was beautiful, so delicate. He could have taken her rough and ready downstairs, fuck knows he wanted to. But no, she deserved so much more than that.

He shrugged off his shirt, letting that too fall to the ground before followed by the clunk of his belt, boots and jeans. Her hand grazed down his chest resting on his hips. She bit her lip as he nodded kissing her forehead. This was it, seriously no going back now. But she knew didn't want to. The need was there. Her fingers traced the deep curve of his v to meet his cock, she curled her fingers around the soft flesh that was hard in her hands and stroked him gently.

He tilted his head up and closed his eyes rolling his hips down further to meet her, his hissed when her nails grazed down the underside of him. "Fuck" he muttered into the darkness, his hands reaching out gripping the headboard to keep his body above hers.

Finally he dropped down pressing himself against her, her breasts into his chest and his hands moving to scoop under her shoulders, he lifted her up a little as he parted her legs with his knee sliding easily into her. The fire in his kiss taking a little more of her inside.

She gripped his shoulders as he rode above her, keeping his movements slow but firm. Her toes curled digging into the mattress and the muscles in her legs clenched as they tucked around his waist letting him open her wider.

"Jesus" she bit her lip, his gaze intently on hers with his forehead pressed against hers as he continued to stretch her. Her lips greedily kissed his letting his small grunts fly into his mouth.

He raised her higher bringing her up off the bed letting his hands splay across her back. His thumb found her knot of nerves brushing over it letting her climb higher, her gasps and hitched breaths made his cock tighten inside her.

Her whole body was shuddering, building like she was about to explode. Her hands gripped his back and she buried her face into his neck as she let go, the release making her shake in his arms crying his name out into the room. His body was warm and slick with sweat and he soon followed suite holding her close to him as he let go. She trembled not wanting to let go of him, murmuring into his shoulder.

"Shhh" he stroked her hair laying her back down in the bed pulling the covers over both of them. He rolled her into his chest and smiled, she was just as beautiful post sex as before, with her hair stuck to her face as he pushed it back.

Holy hell she was a mess, what the hell was that? She wrapped her arms around his waist and couldn't help the smile that was breaking out on her face. She nuzzled into his chest sweat mixing with warmth and finally comfort in his arms.

"Worth waiting for?" he asked her kissing the top of her head.

"Mmm hmm" was all she could reply still tangled around him, him still buried deep inside of her.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Grabbing Lily with both arms he moved her to his side away from the dark figure standing cloaked in front of them. Bringing her hand to her chest Lily caught her breath "It's ok, Jon it's a homeless man" she panted clutching her other hand around his arm nearly losing her balance off her boot.

"Oh damn it!" she swore picking up the heel that had snapped off when she'd obviously jumped off guard.

"Jesus Christ" Jon swore raking his hair, his heartbeat drumming loudly in his ears. He held her, balancing her before she toppled over into him.

"Any change kind sir?" the dishevelled man offered his hand towards them.

Jon fished in his pockets and found the spare change throwing it in his hand. He scooped Lily up in his arms and started a slow jog down the alleyway. When they were out of sight he stopped catching his breath but still keeping her in his arms.

"Are you ok?" Jon asked her looking for any signs of damage "Didn't twist the ankle or anything?" he asked looking closer at her feet.

She laughed gripping onto his neck tighter "I'm fine you can put me down, I'll manage" she said. Jon lifted down carefully balancing her feet on the ground. "God, I thought that man was going to mug us, or I don't know what I thought" she said trying to laugh.

Jon chuckled watching her negotiate her step "It sure gave me a damn fright. Are you sure you're ok. I can just carry you, it's not trouble" he grinned.

“No, I’m good” Her stubborn streak was shining through as she attempted to walk and lost her footing grabbing onto his sleeve.

"See?" he asked snaking his hands around her waist to steady her.

"I'm fine Jon" she snapped before unsuccessfully tripping into him again.
He burst out laughing "Yup, you're fine.... swell even" he teased straightening her clothes.

She huffed and tugged at her cap straightening it before tucking her hair behind her ears "Fine. Carry me then".

Jon picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the stream of street lightning in the distance. “You wish is my command”

"Don't laugh it's not funny" she said slapping him playfully, as the shit eating grin on his face grew wider.

"Oh come on why not, you're cute when you're mad did you know that?" he asked with a grin. The determined look on her face wavering into a smile.

"Come on just carry me to a cab then" she demanded trying to pout but her lips twitched at the sides giving her away. How he managed to do this to her so easily, she had no idea.

"Yes your royal highness" he mocked with a wink lifting her knees as he adjusted his arm that had curled under them. He walked for a few minutes longer before the street became visible through the light haze. He dropped her down gently beside the cab and opened the door for her.

She climbed in, gave the driver the address before Jon scooted over and joined her. "Hell of a night huh?" he asked with a chuckle.

"God, I guess that tour gave me a little more spooks than I intended it to" she said staring out at the lonely empty streets as they whizzed by.

"Me too" he whispered "The sad thing of course if that sort of thing still happens into today's world. Except our serial killers have much more advanced weapons and techniques it seems" he said stretching his arm around the back of her shoulders.

"I had fun though, even if we nearly had a heart attack caused by a homeless guy" he chuckled pressing a kiss to her temple.

She laughed "We were a little silly and spooked weren't we?" she turned and looked up feeling her skin tingle with the two baby blue's that were staring back at her. A stare that could melt almost anything she bet. The comfort and humour between them had relaxed her but now she was nervous. Heading home with him and what would happen. It wasn't as if she had never been here with a guy, not in the least. It was just something different. Something overwhelming and it was more than that Irish Spring kept wafting over her.

"One way to cure that love" he said a small grin creeping onto his face.

"Is that all men ever think about?" she asked flicking her gaze down to his lips as she inched closer.

"Only when they're looking at you" he replied with a grin, rolling his eyes at the cheese in the statement himself.

"Oh good lord, how you ever bedded that many woman in your rock star days with those lines I'll never know" she dragged his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked gently on it.

"LJ" he breathed, his cock was already waking up and needed to play. This was his Lily, the one he always fought to bring out. Something more under that cool calm and collective attitude she had going on. Something worth fighting for.

"Uh huh... you know" she said leaning back against the leather seat "We didn't get dinner. Are you still hungry?" she asked.

Jon flicked a strand of her hair with his finger "Actually not so much, wouldn't say no to a nightcap and I'm guessing you have some wine at your place"

"That I do, I'll set out some crackers and cheese with a nice Merlot" she said. Before we........ god.. here come the shakes again. She held her hands together, Why was she nervous?

"Sounds delicious" maybe I could eat mine off you. Really how much torture was really possible here? Jesus.

The cab stopped outside the apartment building and Lily paid the driver before taking Jon's hand, in slow motion she stepped out to the curb a loud clap of thunder echoed over them before the heaven’s opened.

"You're kidding me" she cursed the large drops splattering against her face.

"Here" Jon again picked her up cradling in her arms running towards the entrance way splashing through the puddles. Once in the lift she pressed the button to her floor and shook herself.

"God look at us, we're soaked" she laughed.

"No excuses for not taking your clothes off when we get inside then is there" he teasing his lips over hers.

Two minutes later they were inside, Lily kicked off her boots padding towards the light switch. She flicked it and nothing happened.

"Oh god" she moaned. Anything else wanted to go wrong?" she flicked her sopping strands of hair back from her face. "The powers out, this happens sometimes in storms" the apartment lit with a sheet of blue as she moved to the wooden cupboard where she kept some candles.

She felt arms wrap around her from behind and his warm breath on her neck "Let me do that, why don't you get some cheese and wine, and I'll take care of the lights" he whispered. She closed her eyes and swayed with him momentarily tempted to flag the wine and cheese as his fingers teased at the hem of her sweater. Her head fell back against his shoulder and his wet lips descended her neck.

“Right… wine…cheese…” she closed her eyes the crisp smell of rain and man taking over her senses. He finally released his grip and let her go. She grabbed a hair elastic and tied up her water logged hair before fixing a small platter of cheese and crackers.

“I so need to get changed out of this, I hate being wet” she said. The usually soft cashmere was becoming scratchy and heavy against her skin. She grabbed two wine glasses from the bar and a bottle of Merlot walking into the living area now alight with the warm glow of amber.

“I’ll pour, you go change” he said taking the wine from her.

“OK you want me to grab anything for you?” she asked fishing for a flashlight in the draw. She clicked it on and followed the beam up the stairs.

“I’m right” Now god damn hurry, before I follow you up there myself. This was killing him, slowly.


The first stop on the tour was at St Boltoph’s , a small stone church that was nestled right in the middle of all the towering commercial buildings. The guide, now known as Jeremy began to speak about this period of time. Ladies of the night, prostitutes would wait for clients outside on the pavement of the church. It was believed that Catherine Eddowes was picked up from this spot on the night 30th September 1888 as her body was found just around the way where they were headed next.

“Holy, hard to think that prostitutes existed back in those days huh?” he whispered.

Tucking a loose strand back into her woollen cap she nodded “I guess, but if you think about it. Was there much else woman could do for money back then?” She would go crazy being a woman in those times, no rights nothing. But then they didn’t know any better.

“Yeah, good point. I wonder if he had something against the type of women that they were? Since each one was a “lady of the night” he pondered clicking his teeth together.

They both looked up when the guide interrupted them “Well sir, the general theory was that he could of been a religious man and saw this as a way of punishing their sins, but no one really does know” he confirmed.

"Well that’s just all kinds of sick. Asshole” he muttered.

“Jon” Lily whispered nudging her elbow into his ribs.

“Sonny’s right what sick bastard does this to these women?” an elderly woman with her husband that had been standing next to them interrupted with a distinct Southern American drawl.

Jon smiled turning to the older couple “Thank you” he whispered and nodding back at Lily.

Lily shook her head laughing “You shit” she muttered at the proud look on his face.

Jon gasped and put his hand on his mouth “Ms St James... the language” he teased coming closer, his lips teasing the tip of her nose.

“I’m going to have to take you home put you over my knee and spank you” his hand slid inside her coat against the rich cashmere snaking around her back.

“I’d like to see you try” she dared him her eyes falling to his lips letting her s connect with his. The kiss was soft and full of flavour of warm minty gum before she finally pulled away seeing the older couple standing there grinning proudly at them.

“Sorry” Lily said patting her hands to her cheeks.

“Oh don’t be dear, it’s nice to see two youngins in love. You don’t see it all that often anymore out and about” she commented wrapping her baby blue woollen scarf around her neck.

In love? Ahhh. Lily knew they were just being polite, but Jesus! Jon chuckled as her blue eyes grew big as saucers.

“Thanks” he offered. He didn’t correct the woman, it was never in his best interest to talk to complete strangers about his relationship status.

They all followed the guide a little further after some more historic information about the church passing a pie cart on the side of the road.

“Ohh pies! Want one?” he asked her dragging her out of the group to the small vendor.

She laughed, his excitement was compared to a kid in a lolly store. “Sure” she said as Jon squinted at the small chalkboard menu.

“I’ll have a dressed steak pie thanks, light on the cheese and a little relish” she told the man.

“Sure thing “

“Dressed?” Jon asked her “What’s a naked pie?” his lopsided grin widening.

She motioned to the man scooping mashed potato and sprinkling cheese on the top of her pie along with relish and some other green looking garnish.

“Oh, wow... give me one of those too please” he told the guy slipping him a couple of notes.

He handed Lily’s to her on a paper plate with a fork and went about making Jon’s up before the joined the tour group again.

“Damn this is good” he forked a pile of potato mixed with pie into his mouth.

Two minutes up the road sheltered by more commercial buildings was a small courtyard known as Mitre Sqaure. They all gathered around the south corner where two park benches sat adjacent around a flowerbed. Lily leaned against the wrought iron fence and while Jon perched himself on the edge of the park bench tucking into his pie.

Men, always excited about food. The guide went onto explain that this is where Catherine Eddowes’s body was found mutilated on 1.45 in the morning of the 30th September 1888.

The short man paced along where Jon was sitting on the edge of the seat “And here, is where her feet were and here where you are sitting is where her head lay” he said stopping directly in front of Jon.

Jon’s eyes widened as he leapt up off the seat nearly losing his pie, the hairs of the back of his neck creeping up. And that eerie feeling of being in someone’s grave shivered through his body. Lily moved over to him “You ok?” she asked.

“God, yes fine now... that’s just so wrong, they build a park bench there?” he asked.

“Kind of creepy right? Wait, you’ve got some pie...” she scraped a little bit of pie on his chin off and licked her finger. “Good huh?” swirling her tongue around the end of her pinkie.

Jon groaned and straightened himself up “You are going to be the death of me, you know that don’t you?”

“Maybe” she winked pulling back realizing that again they were the centre of attention to the people around them. Her body moulded back into the side of his, like it was made that way as they watched the guide continue to talk about the mutilation of the bodies. By the time it was to move on they’d finished their pies and followed the guide onwards. The night lights twinkled above them from the overhead buildings and the stars flickered in the deep night sky above them.

They walked further down a narrow brick alleyway that you wouldn’t be caught dead in at this time of night by yourself. They soon came to a stop around Goulston street where the guide proceeded to explain that this is where graffiti had been found in chalk that could of been done by the Ripper.

“It’s not conclusive but it read ‘The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing’” he showed the wall area on the now building it was in its place.

The short man stood with is arms behind his back just in front of Lily and Jon “While it’s not certain this was left by the ripper, it was believed to be. The morning it was found Police Superintendent Thomas ordered it to be rubbed off, and at first they were just going to take off the reference to Jews since it was tagged around a heavily populated Jewish area and he didn’t want any uprising of violence to occur. In the end he demanded the whole thing to be rubbed off leaving no trace of what could have been a clue”

Lily smiled and leaned in towards Jon “You’re not scared are you?” she whispered.

He laughed “God no, but it’s really interesting I’m glad you suggested it” Ok so he was a little. Something about retracing footsteps of a murderer was a little creepy.

“You’re welcome” she turned her gaze back to the man until she yelped when two fingers pinched into her side. “Sorry” she said to the people around them. Jon’s head was turned away from her view but it was shaking from the back. “You little shit” she whispered jabbing him back in the sides of the ribs.

He laughed and moved in closer to her letting his lips brush over her ear. “Too Easy LJ, too easy”

Her lips pursed “Well that may be so but keep that up and you won’t be getting anything from me later” she dared. Who the hell am I kidding? Look at those eyes, those lips... Jesus. Wild horses weren’t going to stop her once they were home.

His eyebrow arched with the soft smile that played on his lips “Oh really. We’ll see about that now wont we?” his fingers delicately brushed against her breast and even through the wool he could feel her tip harden. His lips teased hers just touching watching her close her eyes and wait until a soft mewl escaped her lips. “Yeah I thought so” he said kissing the tip of her nose, again denying her his lips as he pulled away but she tugged at the lapels of his coat.

Leaning forward she whispered “I want to go home. Now” she hated herself for caving, but this was ridiculous the amount of tension they’d built up she could only take so much. She knew by the inward groans he made forcing himself away each time he was teetering as much as he was.

She was dead serious. Her baby blues were clouding over with something much more deadly. Want.

He nodded and again waited for her to make the first move out of there. She grabbed his hand and pulled away from the group as they took off down a small dark brick alleyway. The only sound was her boots clicking across the cobblestones and their hitched breaths. “We’ll walk home, it’s not too far” she said “I need the air” and I need to calm the hell down.

Jon took her hand and swung it forward “Sounds good” air to my cock would be good right now. Christ.

She relaxed into his side once again as they strolled through the dark streets, a thin blanket of fog started to creep in around them. Her skin goosed again as she shivered.

Jon chuckled pulling her in closer “Not scared huh?” he teased.

“I’m cold not scared” she snapped. Jon didn’t have a chance to respond when a figure jumped out shadowed by the darkness blocking their pathway. The high pitched scream piercing his ears.

Thursday, October 9, 2008



While Jon showered, Lily took the time to change from her business couture pulling on a pair of dark three quarter jeans and a cream cashmere sweater. Tugging a knit cap over her messy hair she toed on some knee high boots and leant over her dresser squinting as she dusted some face powder on. Staring at her reflection shaking her head, she palmed her cheek and smiled her cheeks were still flush and her lips swollen from the "make out" session on the bed. Look at you all smitten. Jesus.

Her head snapped up catching Jon in the mirror padding back into the bedroom his, tight body showing off from the low slung towel, Jesus not again. The vision was still burning fresh in her mind from the Hampton's plumbing incident. With his well oiled body of chiselled abs and the slight dip just above his stomach... Yep she'd already imagined flicking her tongue into that. Shit.

She took a deep breath and turned around "Good shower?" she asked.

"I'm marrying you shower, Jesus Christ that was the best one I've had in a long time" he said ruffling his hair with the other towel in his hand. He'd had plenty of good showers but that one, strong full and invigorating. Just the way he liked his women.

She laughed "Well, I'm pretty possessive about my shower, the design came from a guy in Sweden who designs them for Swedish Spa's, it's one of my little indulgences we all have them right?" It was true, it was hideously expensive but worth every cent especially long nights after work she'd die for her shower.

Jon shrugged into a crisp black shirt "God yes…can you guess what mine is?" he asked with a grin.

Bringing her finger to her lip she cocked her stance "Hmmm, looking at you I know wine is one of your little interests, god knows you had enough bottles in your beach house" she teased.

"Oh, sure Miss Swedish shower" he said rolling his eyes dramatically.

"Hey… you don't have to use it" she pouted slipping on an oversized turquoise ring on her finger.

Jon laughed, how she made a pair of jeans and a plain cashmere sweater look like she was fresh off the catwalk, he had no idea. Moving towards her he tugged gently at her knit cap "This is cute" his nose rubbing against hers for less than a second with their eyes connecting.

"Only thing that would make that shower even better than it was, is if you were in it with me" the knowing grin spread right across his face into his eyes.

She almost choked on her words. "Well…I do have a shower before bed usually" she whispered. She was flirting now? How did he manage to always bring this out in her? She turned into either a bumbling nervous idiot or now a flirt it appeared. Her body was already craving the warmth of his, her eyes falling where the fair scatter of hair to chest scattered with a light field of fur, her fingers pulsing with the need to touch... This wasn't right.

He tilted her chin with his forefinger meeting her gaze "Promise?" he asked, the Lily he was looking at now he knew was the real Lily. She was confident, sassy classy and commanded the attention of those around her out there in the world. But here alone, with just the two of them he was finally beginning to feel her safety net that he had bet she kept up to people, slowly disappearing. His eyes fell down to glossed lips still remembering how soft they were, not resisting her this time pressing a kiss to them.

God he was pleased they were going out, he didn't know how much longer he could restrain himself but already he could see how important it was with how vulnerable she became with their intimacy.

Nodding she whispered "Promise" she jumped with the little tingle down her spine that ignited. She smoothed her hands down his arms "I'll let you get dressed and grab my things and order us a cab. We need to get over to the Tower Hill Tube station which is where the tour starts" her finger trailed down his chest right down to his abs before she pulled away and turned leaving him behind.

Once she was out of view she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. Drying her clammy hands she descended the stairs with the click of her boots.


Thirty minutes later and a quick jostle in a cab they'd arrived at the Tower Hill tube station and purchased their tickets for the tour and were both handed brochures and asked to wait standing aside from the bustle of people spilling out from the tube.

The subtle chill in the air Lily tugged her woollen coat tighter around her body till she felt an arm around her shoulder "Bit cold there love?' he asked with a very bad put on British accent.

Shaking her body she laughed "It always drops so quick at night, come on we'll wait in here" she could see a few people were starting to give Jon second looks so she led him into Trinity Square, which was a large grass area dotted with park benches around the perimeter.

"You've seen the tower of London before?" she asked motioning across the road.

Jon followed her gaze across the blue water to the large ancient castle-like building that towered into over the river. "I have never been in there though, you?" he asked.

When he tucked his own hands into his pockets she threaded her arm through his.

"When I first came out here, yes I did all the tourist things with mom but I admit I haven't really done a lot for years. The tower always fascinates me though, so much intrigue. The crown jewels are kept in there and back in the day it was used as a fortress" she explained.

"Any gory parts?" he asked with a grin.

She snorted "Typical male, of course it was a torture chamber was well. A couple of Henry VIII's wife's were beheaded, and Edward the IV's two illegitimate sons were imprisoned there and no one ever knew what happened to them in but in 1674, two sets of child's bones were found there" shivering at the thought. So much death hung over this city in its history.

Jon nodded "Now that's what I am talking about" he laughed "Isn't it amazing how when you know things like but still the building is still so majestic and perfect"

"Totally agree" she looked out at the tower now silhouetted by the night sky. "All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't around in those days, woman were treated ridiculously like objects and had no rights" she said sadly.

Jon snorted "You would have been beheaded in a second, but if I was King I would have kept you around for a bit maybe as a mistress" he teased before omphing from the playful jab he got in the ribs. "What? I'd be a good master…." He teased pulling her closer, coconuts and mangoes mixing in with the smoggy air

"We'll see about that" she said with a small grin. Their attention was soon directed to a man standing on a park bench waving them and the few others around them over. "I guess this is us" Lily said leading him over.

The small man neatly dressed in a suit bobbed above the sea of heads "Good evening ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Jack the Ripper tour at night, Halloween style. Shortly we'll leave retracing the footsteps that the first serial killer of his kind made hundreds of years ago" the man stood straighter tucking his hands behind his back.

"There were five definite victims of Jack the Ripper but up to three or four more murders around the same era that couldn't a hundred percent be linked to him. The mystery still remains of who he was, but the evidence does suggest that he was a doctor with the body knowledge that he had and the precision of some of the surgical procedures used on his victim like removing their kidney or intestine."

Lily glanced at Jon, his blue gaze intense on the man speaking. She found herself looking a little longer wanting to trace the outline of the subtle laugh lines on his face. Her eyes flicked back to the sky, now mirroring the dark murky water of the river as the eerie cool breeze now tickled through their hair. She shivered a little, small gooses creeping up her skin under the cashmere.

This is what it felt like to do normal things away from work. Her life had become so revolved around the place she'd had no times to experience the simple things like this, bring cold outside at night having someone to lean in against for warmth, and she kind of liked it.

"You're not scared are you LJ?" his low raspy voice teased her ear lobe. He'd been watching her and had felt her body tense while the man had explained the horrible deeds Jack the ripper had done to prostitutes.

Looking back up her eyes she met his smile, the one that inspired the small crinkles of on the side of his eyes "Not at all" she said bravely. "It's just scarier when you know it's real…well happened. It's not a fable as such" she tried to explain.

"I know exactly what you mean, look he's starting to move" Jon pointed as the small group of people starting to drift behind the man. He wrapped his arm further around her shoulders as they began to stroll through the cool night air.


Bustling through the late afternoon London traffic, Lily usually took the tube to her home in Kensington being it was the easiest way to get around. Sticking her hand out she hailed a black cab, assuming it would be safer for Jon to travel this way.

He bet her to the back door and opened it swiftly for her “After you lovely”

She smiled and climbed across the seats and when Jon joined her she gave the cab driver the address and settled back tucking her hands inside her coat pockets "It's not too far away from here" she told him. She sat with her knees tightly together still not really sure on how to act around him just yet. It was ridiculous, she could command the boardroom but she couldn’t command small talk with her. He’d broken down her barriers.

"When was the last time you were in London?" she asked flipping her cell phone open to check and then snapping it shut again.

"Just a few months ago late May to the end of June we toured Europe and ended the leg here" he explained quickly checking his own cell phone before sliding it back into his upper pocket.

She swallowed hard as a flick of that blond hair fell across his face, her eyes then falling to the tight leather necklace around his throat. Her fingers curled tight, the urge to touch him was driving her insane so she flicked her gaze back out to the city as it whizzed by.

"Glad you were here in the summer, this place is depressing in the winter let me tell you that day blends into night and it's just blah" Lucky for her she hardly saw out the London winter being back in Los Angeles, but not this year. Her father had already told her she needed to be in London over the winter with a few influential big British accounts coming up for renewal, it was time to play hardball.

Coming into view a large white stone apartment complex towered over Jon's view and the cab slowed to a halt. "Here we are m'am" the driver.

"Thanks a lot" Lily slipped him some money before Jon climbed out and held his hand out for her. She took it in her own and stepped out of the cab.

"Thanks" she said straightening her coat and gripped the leather strap of her case.

"Welcome to Casa St James" she said showing him the way to the lift.

Luckily it was a short lift ride, still with the amount of hotels he'd stayed in he hated the damn things and the constricting feeling he always got in his lungs inside of one.

Jon stood to the side of the lift when the doors pinged open and waited for her to walk out into the crisp white foyer which centred around two large black doors which Lily swiftly unlocked into an overwhelming sprawling apartment.

Gaping at the size of the place, being that he had his own penthouse back in New York this shouldn't be of that much surprise to him but it wasn't what expected from her. "Jesus it's bigger than mine" he slipped out.

Lily raised an eyebrow at him and laughed “Good thing we’re talking apartments here” she teased.

Jon snorted “Ha ha, god this is gorgeous” he exclaimed wondering around the main living area. The place was decked out with modern clean tones, it could have been classed to some as sterile looking but the odd splashes of color around the place, like the huge fire red vase on the mantle above the gas fire place and the artwork neatly scattered across the walls gave it her own flavour.

“Well its home” she said watching him scrutinise the bookcase.

“You’re into the classics I see?” he asked checking out her cd collection which was lined with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sam Cooke, Elvis and a selection of jazz albums.

“Love them, they just never date you know?”

“You’re talking to the preacher here” he grinned “But we do have a problem with this” he said folding her arms seriously.

“What?” she asked a little worried.

“No Bon Jovi albums huh?” the twitch at the side of his mouth gave him away.

She chuckled “No, guilty… you going to change that for me?” she dared.

“Oh I’m sure I can do something about it” he winked.

Jon walked over to the large leather armchair that sat facing out to the park view she had. He sunk down in it, the type that just sucked your whole body in its comfort.

“The view is amazing, I can see why the chair is here” he said glancing over at the table was a pile of books and a set of red framed reading glasses. He imagined her sitting here after a big day at the office wrapped up with the woollen blanket that was neatly folded on the floor just reading and hanging out.

Moving around he up the framed picture on top of the large table "This is your mom?" he asked guessing that the picture with a younger looking Lily and older woman was.

She smiled and nodded "Yes, that's mom"

"She looks a lot like you, just as beautiful" he said placing it back down. "This place is remarkable Lily how long have you been here?" he asked hooking his thumb over his belt.

"Um about two years now, I think, I know it’s big for just me but I like it" she said "tour?" she asked heading up the marbled staircase at the end of the room.

Jon followed her, bag in tow he couldn't help but admire soft curves of her hourglass figure once more and the way her hips swayed. Good Christ.

The upper level of the penthouse was just as expansive with a few doors leading off in different directions, Lily showed him the two guest bedrooms and paused, it was now or never but he bet her to it.

"Am I putting my bags down here?" he asked turning to her just moments away her skin, the summer smell so intoxicating. Her cool blue eyes softening as she shook her head.

"No, follow me" she said walking through to another room which held a large queen bed with twisted wrought iron design, a deep charcoal satin bed cover with mahogany dresser tall boy and matching bedside tables.

A large leather armchair again sat in the corner of the room with clothes slung over it and doors partially opened to a walk in wardrobe with another to a private bathroom.

"Here" she offered, still nervous she held her hands together so the trembling would stop. A man in her room, why she felt like she was sixteen and it was illegal with her father threatening to walk in at any second she had no idea.

Jon propped his bag down next to the side of the bed he guessed she didn't use and flopped backwards on the bed, sinking right in "Now this is a bed"

Lily laughed at how ridiculous he looked until he sat up against the pillows and patted the space next to him. Her heart skipped a beat but she kicked off her heels and slowly sat down on the other side swinging her legs around so she leaned back against the pillows. Reaching out he traced down her arm lightly with the tip of his finger. She found herself curling up on her side facing him.

"I'm very glad to be here" he whispered continuing to drag his finger tip under her jaw line until he leaned forward and kissed her slowly.

She rolled her body into his, again magically becoming like a puddle of jelly around him. Lifting her hand to his cheek she scraped her thumb along his high cheekbone.

"Me too" still not believing he'd actually come for her.

Jon's hands winded around her pulling her in closer settling on her lower back, hooking his thumbs in the band of her skirt. They kissed for minutes, maybe it was more but Lily slowly felt that barrier melt away that she kept up for so many people, and let her knee slide between his legs.

Her mind again was saying no, why was she so nervous? It certainly wasn't as if she'd not done this before, but something about him was so overwhelming and magnetic, every time she was in such close proximity to him all she wanted to do was let go. And it scared her.

Her breathing hitched when his warm hands slid up the back of her shirt, and his lips brushed down her neck swirling across her skin. His cock couldn't take much more of this torture but he tried so hard to keep the movements slow. His other hand ran down her thigh, tugging on his bottom lip she let a groan slip from her throat as he started unpinning her hair letting them drop like pins on the hardwood floor.

Her own hands itched for exploration finding the end of his shirt, flipping the buttons with her nails she spread apart the material and pressed herself against him. God, so warm. She could feel his erection pressing into her belly and her arms started to shake. Shit stop it. Pull yourself together.

Everything about her, her allure and scent drove him crazy, pulling her closer he pressed his nose into her hair and breathed in camomile and jasmine. He wanted her to go on but feeling her tremble against his body he didn’t want to push her. She had no reason to be nervous. Biting down on his lip when she reached for the buckle at his belt he made the decision to stop. His hand found hers and brought them back to his mouth for a kiss. Confusion flicked in her eyes but he just chuckled and leaned forward and nibbled on her lobe.

“There’s no rush LJ, let’s go and get some dinner and relax for a bit huh?” his hands soothed across her back.

She nodded, “I just thought you wanted…” she trailed off looking down but lifting her chin back up to him with his finger he shook his head. Maybe she’d read the signs wrong?

“LJ, you have no idea how much I want to…I do but I don’t want to rush this…” his eyes darkened “I want to take my time, and learn you inch by inch with no interruptions” he whispered twisting a strand of her honey blond hair around his finger. I should get a medal for this, shit.

Her heart raced with the blue intensity his eyes had locked down on her and the intention made her shiver. Never had a man even come close to wanting to “explore her” or take his “time” God she didn’t even know what that meant.

“Thank you...I’m just not good at this sort of thing” she admitted. She just said that? Holy cow. So she was a truth magnet around him now?

“You’re much better than you think” he reassured her. “Now, flying always make me feel disgusting so I’m dying for a shower before we head out” he said propping himself up on his elbows.

She laughed “God I know the feeling, everything’s just through there, towels and all” she said pointing towards the bathroom.

Lily watched him slip out of his shirt and hoist himself off the bed collecting his grooming case before disappearing into the bathroom. Jesus, that back that ass in those jeans. This should be illegal.

Why had she just told him that? She hated vulnerability, and she wasn’t used to feeling it. Until she met Jon. What was it that made her turn to a pile of mush around him? God she could be stupid sometimes. She slouched off the bed and walked into her wardrobe deciding what to wear tonight. A small smile kept creeping onto her lips, he wanted to wait and he wanted to explore her. The very thought sent tiny shockwaves down her body.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Lily slammed shut her laptop in disgust. Stop it. Stop googling him! You're crazy you know that don't you? Jesus.

It had been two weeks since she'd flown back from New York, two long weeks of an unimaginable hell with work but she'd done it. She saved the Delmont account. After days and hours coming up with a new portfolio for their advertising strategy, she'd managed to single-handedly make Mr Delmont trust their company again. Delmont Holdings owned a pretty large proportion of the coffee industry in the United Kingdom and was now being recognised all over Europe. This would of been a huge blow to the company if he'd withdrawn. Countless dinners and meetings with his crew had finally paid off.

Miranda had been enforced to take a two week break, at Lily's discretion after blurting out the story of how her husband had been found cheating, so rightly so she'd been all over the place with work and everything else.

Her hands curled around each side of her red china mug breathing in the rich aroma of the Delmont espresso. Job well done. She hated to admit she'd been waiting or thinking that Jon was going to call or email. She leaned forward still clutching the mug resting her elbows on her polished oak desk. It just simply wasn't acceptable that she was feeling like a seventeen year old waiting for a boy to call. He obviously wasn't about to, so she had to get the hell over it.

Glancing down at her watch it was just before four, maybe she could grab the 4.30 yoga class after all.

Without been able to give it a second thought, she jumped at the loud buzz, nearly spilling coffee everywhere.

"Damn it" she cursed reaching for a wad of tissues. She hit the button to open the connection into her reception to Claire her assistant.

"Yes?" she asked letting her voice jam a couple of pitches up, furiously padding down the desk where she'd spilt the coffee.

"I've got someone to see you Ms St James, and he said he can't wait any longer" she told her.

Who the hell? She flicked open her leather bound appointment diary dragging her finger down the page to double check if she'd missed something but it still was blank.

"I haven't got an appointment with anyone, did he say who he was?" she asked. Claire knew better to push Lily, they'd butted heads once too often.

"No, he's just demanding to see you Ms. But he said you'd know why and that he can't wait any longer" she professionally read out. Lily groaned. If it was Mr Delmont again offering her tickets to the ballet or the opera she was going to scream.

Rolling her eyes she pushed back her leather swivel chair and stood up. For the love of god, enough with the cryptic damn messages. Marching across the room in her five inch black heels she flung open the door to her reception. I am so not in the mood for this.

Her heart skidded up into her throat at the vision of the leaning against her reception desk. Dressed in jeans and a midnight blue silk button down shirt, his face crept into a smile.

"Good afternoon Ms St James” Jon!.

He'd not meant to leave it this long, but once he'd returned to New York he'd had some family matters to take care of around the divorce. His brother had broke his shoulder, so Jon had been helping him out just until he'd got settled and some other business matters he'd figure he would wrap up before making the trip. This way, all going well he could stay the week with her.

Jon stifled a laugh at how just like him, she wasn't an easy woman to get hold of unless you knew her personally. He had thought about calling, emailing but the wow factor at arriving on her doorstep won over in the end. And now there she stood, it all came rushing back their last intimate moments in the Hamptons were still so fresh. The pencil tight knee-high pinstripe skirt was matched with a vest over a crisp white wide collared shirt. Her legs again showcased on those heels. Every bit as lovely as he remembered her last. Damn.

"Jon...What are you doing here?" she asked relaxing her stance, pulling back the Rottweiler attitude. Her eyes fell to the floor where a leather carry-all sat.

"Did I not tell you I'd find you?" he asked. He wanted her alone, sensing that she never let her guard down in front of people. He motioned towards her office "Care to invite me in?"

Lily took a step back, her mind still whirling into overdrive that he'd actually come. She wasn't sure if she was petrified or excited to see him again. A mix of both, she decided.

She held out her hand "Please come in" she said walking back in. He was here, he was really here? She tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ear and wished silently she'd checked herself over before opening the door. He was here, holy hell. He was really here.

Her heart hammered loudly in her chest watching him walk in and close the door behind him. His bag thudded to the floor as he moved closer to her. She wanted him to engulf her, would they just pick up from where they left off? How long was he here for? Where was he intending to stay? Stop it, stop over analysing everything and without thinking she slapped her hand against her head. Oh god, you are something else aren't you?

Jon reached her seeing how nervous she was, "Hey..." he smoothed his hands down her arms and drew her in close to him. Pressing his forehead against hers he whispered "Hi". She stiffened a little in his arms with his soothing touches he soon felt her body ease into him.

The mixture of minty gum and spice consumed her once again, her hands reaching out and resting on his chest, feeling the heat of him through his shirt. "I can't believe you are here" she whispered back finally letting herself breathe a little. How did he do that to her? One stare, and one touch seemed to launch her off the pad of all things stable so easily.

Their lips just inches away, the ice in her eyes now more than melted leaving a warm blue that had Jon wondering how many people actually got to see it in her. "You didn't think that I would forget about you that easily? Did you forget about me?" he asked softly into her lips, his eyes honing on the slick glossed lips just within reach.

Her eyes closed, and her body spiralled forward in towards him "No, I didn't but I thought..." she didn't get to finish her sentence when his lips dusted over hers that it was almost a nonexistent kiss. She wanted more, her body melting into his, her hands slipping around his neck deepening the kiss right to her very core. Those lips were so soft. Not right.

His tongue plunged inside her mouth tasting and teasing each inch of her mouth. She tasted sweeter than before and there it was that sultry summer smell of coconuts with a surprising hint of pineapple smell was back. At last.

Pulling away he moved his hands to each side of her neck "You thought wrong Ms St James"

She wanted to tell him she was so pleased he'd come, she wanted to tell him how much she'd actually missed him but she couldn't bring herself to do so. He was here and that was the main thing.

"Well welcome to London Mr Bongiovi" she smiled leaning back in his arms. "And more importantly welcome to where it all happens" she winked with a sense of pride she looked around the room.

Jon spun her around so he was against her back and wrapped his arms around her and took in the office, a large oak desk centred the room with the tones of maroon and brown's filling out the room giving a very old but classic feel to the room. His nose buried into the arch of her neck chased by a kiss as he went "It's gorgeous, and very you".

She clasped his hands around her waist as he gently swayed her in his heavy embrace. "The best part of it is this" she said picking up a remote control and flicking a button. "Is this" The smooth sounds of Dean Martin filling the room from nowhere.

Jon looked around. There was no stereo system that existed in the room. It was all inbuilt and internal. Taking the remote from her and flicked a couple of dials, hearing music from Frank Sinatra and Elvis float through the room which each flick. "I think I love you already"

Her heart skipped a beat, it was a joke but the reality was nobody had ever declared those words to her, in the heat of any moment. What scared her was the thought that this could actually happen with him. She had never felt this way around anyone before. Closing off any more such thoughts she pulled away, moving towards her desk to break the thought cycle.

Jon didn't let her get far, pulling her back into his embrace his fingers reaching around her slim waist. He shouldn't have said the L word whether it was in jest or not. Damn it. She wasn't ready for that. His lips brushed over her ear "LJ you're not getting away from me this time"

God LJ? He had a name for her? She trembled in his arms, so assuring, so warm she knew there was no backing out now. Her hand reached around back to his cheek.

"I'm assuming that you haven't checked into a hotel?" she asked making a bold move, telling him what he wanted to hear.

"Nope...right off the plane to here...should I be?" he asked giving her any opportunity if she felt uncomfortable to say it now.

"No, good" was all she said the corners of her mouth twitching at the corners in anticipation. This was going to kill her. A man in her house? God. The place wouldn't know itself.

"I make a mean coffee in the morning" he added with a chuckle.
Lily finally pulled away from him "I'm going to hold you to that I hope you realise, if you can tame my coffee machine you'll get extra credit" she said walking back to behind her desk.

Standing she clicked her mouse to shut down her PC and packed her laptop in its bag. "How long are you here for?" she asked.

Scratching his head Jon replied "Um, possibly a week?" he asked testing the waters.

Jon found his finger curling, wanting to reach out and tuck the loose strands of her hair back that was falling free from the business like knot she'd tied her hair in. His eyes fell to her chest and admired how snug her breasts were sitting underneath the pinstripe vest. He had to be careful, as much as he wanted to take her home and sleep with her the minute they got there, he needed to show her he wasn't just here for that. In the short time they'd known each other she'd become more to him than just that, and she deserved to be treated so.

She shuffled some files back into her cabinet, grabbing her light black woollen coat she shrugged into it before tying it firmly around her middle, adjusting the collar.

"So what is there to do in London on Halloween?" Jon asked curiously. Halloween always had been a huge thing back home and right now he knew his children where planning their costumes for a night of trick or treating. Stephanie had decided she would be a princess of course, and Jesse a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Locking her draws, she slipped her keys into her purse "Well" she said thoughtfully, and then it came to her. "How would you like to do a Jack the Ripper tour? After dark, they're doing tours tonight on foot" she asked slinging her bag over her shoulder.

His eyebrow rose "Now that actually sounds interesting? You walk around where it actually all happened?" he asked interested. One thing about London was it’s fascinating history.

She nodded "Uh huh, with a guide and he tells you all about the history, could be kind of eerie for a Halloween night don't you think?" she asked. It was something she'd wanted to do since she moved to London but she just didn't have the time, or anyone to go with.

"I like it, you've sold me. But first..." he said with a gleam in his eye holding his hand out to Lily.

She took his hand and the other one nestled inside her coat pocket, she wanted him to suggest it she did but was she ready for it?

"I take you out to dinner" he announced tucked his arm around hers.

She laughed leaning into him relief that they didn't have to face this just yet and again pleased to be in the heat of him. "Sounds like a plan"