Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bustling through the late afternoon London traffic, Lily usually took the tube to her home in Kensington being it was the easiest way to get around. Sticking her hand out she hailed a black cab, assuming it would be safer for Jon to travel this way.

He bet her to the back door and opened it swiftly for her “After you lovely”

She smiled and climbed across the seats and when Jon joined her she gave the cab driver the address and settled back tucking her hands inside her coat pockets "It's not too far away from here" she told him. She sat with her knees tightly together still not really sure on how to act around him just yet. It was ridiculous, she could command the boardroom but she couldn’t command small talk with her. He’d broken down her barriers.

"When was the last time you were in London?" she asked flipping her cell phone open to check and then snapping it shut again.

"Just a few months ago late May to the end of June we toured Europe and ended the leg here" he explained quickly checking his own cell phone before sliding it back into his upper pocket.

She swallowed hard as a flick of that blond hair fell across his face, her eyes then falling to the tight leather necklace around his throat. Her fingers curled tight, the urge to touch him was driving her insane so she flicked her gaze back out to the city as it whizzed by.

"Glad you were here in the summer, this place is depressing in the winter let me tell you that day blends into night and it's just blah" Lucky for her she hardly saw out the London winter being back in Los Angeles, but not this year. Her father had already told her she needed to be in London over the winter with a few influential big British accounts coming up for renewal, it was time to play hardball.

Coming into view a large white stone apartment complex towered over Jon's view and the cab slowed to a halt. "Here we are m'am" the driver.

"Thanks a lot" Lily slipped him some money before Jon climbed out and held his hand out for her. She took it in her own and stepped out of the cab.

"Thanks" she said straightening her coat and gripped the leather strap of her case.

"Welcome to Casa St James" she said showing him the way to the lift.

Luckily it was a short lift ride, still with the amount of hotels he'd stayed in he hated the damn things and the constricting feeling he always got in his lungs inside of one.

Jon stood to the side of the lift when the doors pinged open and waited for her to walk out into the crisp white foyer which centred around two large black doors which Lily swiftly unlocked into an overwhelming sprawling apartment.

Gaping at the size of the place, being that he had his own penthouse back in New York this shouldn't be of that much surprise to him but it wasn't what expected from her. "Jesus it's bigger than mine" he slipped out.

Lily raised an eyebrow at him and laughed “Good thing we’re talking apartments here” she teased.

Jon snorted “Ha ha, god this is gorgeous” he exclaimed wondering around the main living area. The place was decked out with modern clean tones, it could have been classed to some as sterile looking but the odd splashes of color around the place, like the huge fire red vase on the mantle above the gas fire place and the artwork neatly scattered across the walls gave it her own flavour.

“Well its home” she said watching him scrutinise the bookcase.

“You’re into the classics I see?” he asked checking out her cd collection which was lined with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sam Cooke, Elvis and a selection of jazz albums.

“Love them, they just never date you know?”

“You’re talking to the preacher here” he grinned “But we do have a problem with this” he said folding her arms seriously.

“What?” she asked a little worried.

“No Bon Jovi albums huh?” the twitch at the side of his mouth gave him away.

She chuckled “No, guilty… you going to change that for me?” she dared.

“Oh I’m sure I can do something about it” he winked.

Jon walked over to the large leather armchair that sat facing out to the park view she had. He sunk down in it, the type that just sucked your whole body in its comfort.

“The view is amazing, I can see why the chair is here” he said glancing over at the table was a pile of books and a set of red framed reading glasses. He imagined her sitting here after a big day at the office wrapped up with the woollen blanket that was neatly folded on the floor just reading and hanging out.

Moving around he up the framed picture on top of the large table "This is your mom?" he asked guessing that the picture with a younger looking Lily and older woman was.

She smiled and nodded "Yes, that's mom"

"She looks a lot like you, just as beautiful" he said placing it back down. "This place is remarkable Lily how long have you been here?" he asked hooking his thumb over his belt.

"Um about two years now, I think, I know it’s big for just me but I like it" she said "tour?" she asked heading up the marbled staircase at the end of the room.

Jon followed her, bag in tow he couldn't help but admire soft curves of her hourglass figure once more and the way her hips swayed. Good Christ.

The upper level of the penthouse was just as expansive with a few doors leading off in different directions, Lily showed him the two guest bedrooms and paused, it was now or never but he bet her to it.

"Am I putting my bags down here?" he asked turning to her just moments away her skin, the summer smell so intoxicating. Her cool blue eyes softening as she shook her head.

"No, follow me" she said walking through to another room which held a large queen bed with twisted wrought iron design, a deep charcoal satin bed cover with mahogany dresser tall boy and matching bedside tables.

A large leather armchair again sat in the corner of the room with clothes slung over it and doors partially opened to a walk in wardrobe with another to a private bathroom.

"Here" she offered, still nervous she held her hands together so the trembling would stop. A man in her room, why she felt like she was sixteen and it was illegal with her father threatening to walk in at any second she had no idea.

Jon propped his bag down next to the side of the bed he guessed she didn't use and flopped backwards on the bed, sinking right in "Now this is a bed"

Lily laughed at how ridiculous he looked until he sat up against the pillows and patted the space next to him. Her heart skipped a beat but she kicked off her heels and slowly sat down on the other side swinging her legs around so she leaned back against the pillows. Reaching out he traced down her arm lightly with the tip of his finger. She found herself curling up on her side facing him.

"I'm very glad to be here" he whispered continuing to drag his finger tip under her jaw line until he leaned forward and kissed her slowly.

She rolled her body into his, again magically becoming like a puddle of jelly around him. Lifting her hand to his cheek she scraped her thumb along his high cheekbone.

"Me too" still not believing he'd actually come for her.

Jon's hands winded around her pulling her in closer settling on her lower back, hooking his thumbs in the band of her skirt. They kissed for minutes, maybe it was more but Lily slowly felt that barrier melt away that she kept up for so many people, and let her knee slide between his legs.

Her mind again was saying no, why was she so nervous? It certainly wasn't as if she'd not done this before, but something about him was so overwhelming and magnetic, every time she was in such close proximity to him all she wanted to do was let go. And it scared her.

Her breathing hitched when his warm hands slid up the back of her shirt, and his lips brushed down her neck swirling across her skin. His cock couldn't take much more of this torture but he tried so hard to keep the movements slow. His other hand ran down her thigh, tugging on his bottom lip she let a groan slip from her throat as he started unpinning her hair letting them drop like pins on the hardwood floor.

Her own hands itched for exploration finding the end of his shirt, flipping the buttons with her nails she spread apart the material and pressed herself against him. God, so warm. She could feel his erection pressing into her belly and her arms started to shake. Shit stop it. Pull yourself together.

Everything about her, her allure and scent drove him crazy, pulling her closer he pressed his nose into her hair and breathed in camomile and jasmine. He wanted her to go on but feeling her tremble against his body he didn’t want to push her. She had no reason to be nervous. Biting down on his lip when she reached for the buckle at his belt he made the decision to stop. His hand found hers and brought them back to his mouth for a kiss. Confusion flicked in her eyes but he just chuckled and leaned forward and nibbled on her lobe.

“There’s no rush LJ, let’s go and get some dinner and relax for a bit huh?” his hands soothed across her back.

She nodded, “I just thought you wanted…” she trailed off looking down but lifting her chin back up to him with his finger he shook his head. Maybe she’d read the signs wrong?

“LJ, you have no idea how much I want to…I do but I don’t want to rush this…” his eyes darkened “I want to take my time, and learn you inch by inch with no interruptions” he whispered twisting a strand of her honey blond hair around his finger. I should get a medal for this, shit.

Her heart raced with the blue intensity his eyes had locked down on her and the intention made her shiver. Never had a man even come close to wanting to “explore her” or take his “time” God she didn’t even know what that meant.

“Thank you...I’m just not good at this sort of thing” she admitted. She just said that? Holy cow. So she was a truth magnet around him now?

“You’re much better than you think” he reassured her. “Now, flying always make me feel disgusting so I’m dying for a shower before we head out” he said propping himself up on his elbows.

She laughed “God I know the feeling, everything’s just through there, towels and all” she said pointing towards the bathroom.

Lily watched him slip out of his shirt and hoist himself off the bed collecting his grooming case before disappearing into the bathroom. Jesus, that back that ass in those jeans. This should be illegal.

Why had she just told him that? She hated vulnerability, and she wasn’t used to feeling it. Until she met Jon. What was it that made her turn to a pile of mush around him? God she could be stupid sometimes. She slouched off the bed and walked into her wardrobe deciding what to wear tonight. A small smile kept creeping onto her lips, he wanted to wait and he wanted to explore her. The very thought sent tiny shockwaves down her body.